Zodiac Sign Astrology Intelligence, Know Who You are!

American psychologist, Howard Gardener, says that there are nine types of intelligence. Each individual may have a different combination of all these nine bits of intelligence, making them unique. However, most people may remain unaware that they possess multiple intelligences for much of their lifetime.

In their younger years, they are so focused on their studies and career that they may not have time to explore their hidden talents and abilities. Some may discover them in their post-retirement years when they have plenty of time to spare on the things they missed out on.

Aries one is a leader by nature

Astrology can help you discover the types of intelligence you have, based on your Zodiac sign. Take a look.

Aries Zodiac Sign: Intra-personal, Interpersonal

Aries is a natural leader. They love to take risks as they have good intuition and trust their instincts. They can recognize their gut feelings and know what they want and how to go about attaining it. To Aries, a risk is an opportunity. Their consciousness is quite different from other people’s. They have the ability to understand other people’s feelings and motives.

Taurus Zodiac Sign: Bodily-kinesthetic, Interpersonal

Taurus people are body smart. They have good physical stamina and endurance, and that makes them excel in sports. They have the ability to move and position their bodies properly, without much thought. Another intelligence they possess is inter-personal intelligence. They are empathetic and compassionate and care for others genuinely.

Gemini Zodiac Sign: Linguistic, Logical-mathematical

Geminis are very versatile and good at many things. Very sociable, they express themselves clearly and logically. They pick up languages quickly. So their main intelligence is linguistic, due to their good verbal and writing skills. They are also good at problem-solving and numbers, as well as deduction and logical challenges. Hence, their logical-mathematical intelligence is quite sharp.

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Cancer Zodiac Sign: Naturalist, Intra-personal

This is a sign known for nurturing and taking care of people. They have naturalist intelligence more than the other Zodiac signs. They are very compassionate and protective of their loved ones as well as everything that exists on earth. That includes trees, plants, animals, etc.

They are good at raising animals and have a green thumb. Cancerians are people who are in tune with their inner selves. They know themselves and their needs quite well.

Leo Zodiac Sign: Musical, Linguistic

Leo is a creative sign. They are very adaptable and broad-minded. They have the determination to accomplish what they want. Leos have good musical intelligence, and many singers, composers, and musicians are born under this sign. They are capable of memorizing tunes, melodies, and rhythms. Being bold and confident, they also express themselves clearly. So they have linguistic intelligence too.

Leo people are pleasure-loving in nature

Virgo Zodiac Sign: Logical-mathematical, Intra-personal

Virgo is good at logical and mathematical challenges. Known for their patience, analytical mind, deduction and observation skills, etc., Virgos’ logical/mathematical intelligence is very high. They are practical people who can quickly come up with a sound and accurate hypothesis. They are very self-aware and have good common sense.

Libra Zodiac Sign: Interpersonal, Musical

Libra seeks balance, peace, and harmony. Hence, their interpersonal intelligence is quite high. Friendly and sociable, they are sensitive to other people’s feelings and won’t think twice about sacrificing their own interests to make others happy. They are very diplomatic and make good mediators in a dispute. Librans are often good at music, too.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign: Intra-personal, Visual/Spatial

These passionate characters know themselves in and out. They are in touch with their feelings and have a clear idea of their life goals, so they know what they should do to realize them. They can read people well, so it’s futile to lie to them, for they will see through your lies. These enigmatic people also possess visual-spatial intelligence. Which means they are able to visualize images in their mind. This makes them good at crafts and designing.

Scorpions are emotional beings, and the sign says so.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign: Existential, Bodily-kinesthetic

Sagittarius is very philosophical and asks a lot of questions about life as well as the afterlife. They are always looking for their life purpose. They know what they’re doing. Their bodies and minds sync well, and they excel in physical tasks and activities. They love to create stuff with their hands.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign: Logical-mathematical, Linguistic

Problem-solving comes naturally to Capricorn natives. They have high logical-mathematical intelligence, which is also in sync with their personality traits. They are very ambitious, hard-working, loyal, and sincere. They set clear goals and try to achieve them with a single-minded focus. They also face no difficulties in expressing themselves.

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Aquarius Zodiac Sign: Existential, Interpersonal

Aquarius is a deep thinker and innovator. They possess high existential intelligence. Questions that lack answers fascinate them. They are the inventors of the Zodiac. They are very smart and intelligent. Though they seem devoid of emotions, Aquarians have a true humanitarian streak and have big hearts. They understand people and will go out on a limb to help them, too.

Pisces Zodiac Sign: Naturalist, Visual/Spatial

Pisceans are huge nature-lovers. They love to spend time in the lap of Mother Nature. As they are nature smart, they are good at raising plants and animals. They also have high visual-spatial intelligence. Their creativity and vivid imagination attract them to artistic pursuits. Many artists are born under this sign. They have a good sense of direction and are very aware of their surroundings.

So who do you think you are, let us discuss this in the comments:)

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