Yoga in Horoscope For Great Life

Even though science considers the planets to be only part of the solar family, but from the point of view of astrology, they are not only part of the solar family, but the activities of the entire gravitational world are affected by them. The condition of the planet is responsible for all the effects.

At the time of man’s birth, the nature of the person is determined by the condition of the planets. The horoscope of the native and auspiciousness is predicted by the sum of the planets in the horoscope, then his horoscope tells how the time of the coming year will be for him.

Yoga in Horoscope will change your life

Many times, the planets in the horoscope of the native create some inauspicious yoga, due to which the mountain of disasters is broken on the native. But there are some such auspicious yogas that even the native does not know a lot about.

Let us tell you some such yogas that change your life and those that you make, the progress you make doubles day and night.

Mahalakshmi yoga

Mahalakshmi Yoga is the provider of wealth and opulence in the native’s fortune. In the horoscope of the native, this Dhanakaraka Yoga is formed when the significator of the second place, who is also considered the lord of wealth, i.e., Jupiter is sitting in the eleventh house and looking at the second house. This yoga is considered very auspicious because it removes the poverty of the native and prosperity welcomes him. But this yoga also flourishes only when the native also performs worthy deeds.

Saraswati Yoga

If you are gaining fame in the fields of art, music, writing, and education, then one of the factors can be the presence of this yoga in your horoscope. A great yoga-like Saraswati is formed in the horoscope of the person when the planets Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury are with a relationship with each other or are sitting in the center and are making relationships with each other in some way or vision. Maa Saraswati is kind to the native in the horoscope of this yoga and he earns a big name in creative fields especially in arts and knowledge.

Finding the right Yoga in Horoscope is quite important

Nrip Yoga

It is known by the name of this yoga that the person in whose horoscope this yoga is formed, lives the life of a person like a king. This yoga is formed in the horoscope of the native only when three or more than three planets are in an Exalted position. People reach a high in politics with the help of this yoga.

Amla Yoga

This yoga is also considered one of the auspicious yogas. When an auspicious planet is placed tenth from the Moon in the birth chart of the native, then this yoga is formed. Amala Yoga also provides wealth and fame in a person’s life.

Gajkesari yoga

A very lucky person is one whose yoga is formed in the horoscope. It is placed in the category of extraordinary yoga. The person with this yoga never leads a life in the absence of anything he loves. Success runs on its own. It is said that when it is formed in the horoscope, Dev Guru Jupiter and Moon are with full karka effect, then they create this yoga. When Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces, Aries, or Scorpio are placed in the ascendant place of the chart, it is considered a karka effect. However, even if this yoga is not karka, it is considered to give good results, but in such a situation, less fruit is expected. When Jupiter is in the first, fourth, seventh, or tenth position from the Moon in the center, this yoga is called Gajakesari Yoga. Apart from this, the same yoga is formed when Moon and Jupiter are together.

Parijata Yoga

You must have heard the story of the rabbit and the turtle in which the rabbit runs fast but loses due to over-confidence and his ego, and the turtle slowly but steadily completes his race and wins without parijata yoga. The story is also similar to this: The people of this yoga are successful in their life and reach the peak of success, but their pace is slow. After about half the life has passed, the effects of this yoga begin to appear. According to the horoscope, if the lord of the zodiac sign, in which ascendant lord is situated, is in the exalted position in the horoscope or in his own house, then Parijata Yoga is formed in such a situation.

Chhatra Yoga

When the native progress continuously in his life and keeps progressing and is highly placed, this is also possible due to Chhatra Yoga. Chhatra Yoga is considered to be the umbrella of God i.e. Lord’s grace. This yoga is formed when all the planets are present in the horoscope of the native from the fourth to the tenth house.

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