Which House in Astrology will make you rich?

This is the complete all and one Money astrology Guide article. Read this to learn your money house in horoscope, money planet in horoscope, and money yoga in horoscope.

The world is full of unevenness. And the reason is financial differences. Money is an energy that has to be respected and channelized properly. Probably you might have wondered which house is for wealth in astrology? Which planet is responsible for financial prosperity?

Let’s see the indicators for wealth as per Houses, Signs, Nakshatras, and Planets in Vedic astrology.

Money astrology plays an important role in one’s life

House of Money in Astrology

Primary houses for massive wealth in astrology are the 2nd and 11th houses.
— 2nd house indicates stored wealth, income from salary, jewels, savings, values. 2nd house represents your attitude towards money. If the attitude is one of contempt and disrespect (like sanyasi and robber respectively), then money doesn’t come easily. So 2nd house of values and attitude is important to gain money in life.
— 11th house is the house of big gains like massive profits in business deals, liquid cash, achievements, promotions, expansions. 11th house and ruler has to be strong for rising in career and achievements in business etc. for huge monetary gains.

Secondary houses for wealth are the 5th house, 9th house, and 8th house.
— 5th house represents your past karma and Purva Punya (merits from past life karmas). Good merits earned through meritorious deeds in past lives gives the luck factor to a person to be rich in the present life.
— 9th house also represents fortune and is also called Vishnu Sthana. 9th house is God’s blessings in the form of opportunities to earn money
— 8th house is a family inheritance. Some people like Donald Trump are born rich with a silver spoon. The 8th house plays an important role in giving a person a strong financial base through family legacy.

So combinations for wealth through houses are:
- Look for connections between the above-mentioned houses 2, 5, 8, 9, 11 and also with 1st (ascendant) since ascendant is the person. Also, look for the strength of these houses and house lords.
- 2nd lord in 11th or 11th lord in 2nd
- 2nd lord in conjunction with 11th lord preferably in Kendra/trikona
- 2nd lord aspecting 11th house / 11th lord or 11th lord aspecting 2nd house/2nd lord.

Even exchange between lords of these houses count
- 2nd house/2nd lord making connections (placement, aspect, conjunctions, exchange) with 5th house/5th lord, 9th house/9th lord. Similarly 11th house/11th lord making connections with 5th house/5th lord or 9th house/9th lord
- Check strengths of house lords of 2,5,9,11. Placement in Kendra/trikona and 11th house and in good dignity helps
- Connections between 1st house / 1st lord with 2nd or 11th also give massive money
- 6th and 10th are also money houses but they are more concerned with efforts, struggle, hard work, and work opportunities than actual money
- 8th lord in 2nd or 11th houses or vice versa, 8th lord in 9th house or vice versa can give money through inheritance provided it has dignity else this combination can bring in lack of money

Financial astrology guide for a happier life

Signs of Money in Astrology

The signs of Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn are wealth-generating signs which are discussed under Billionaire Yoga Vedic astrology.

Nakshatras of Money in Astrology

#Rohini is a power nakshatra for wealth since it deals with business dealings and luxury
#Pushya is also a very nourishing and success generating nakshatra
#Magha nakshatra too can give a strong legacy and inheritance like being born in a rich and royal family
#Uttaraphalguni being in Virgo also promotes prosperity and wealth
#Swati nakshatra is another beautiful nakshatra found in the charts of businessmen and wealthy people
#Jyestha nakshatra also promotes wealth
#Venus nakshatras i.e. Purvaphalguni and Purvashadha can promote wealth
#Dhanistha is the most powerful for wealth since the name translates into ‘The Wealthiest’
#Vishakha and Uttarabhadrapada can bring in wealth too
#Revati, the last nakshatra too seems to promote wealth

Planets of Money in Astrology

  • Jupiter is the main planet for wealth and finance as it is the significator of 2nd, 5th, 9th, 11th houses. Jupiter along with knowledge also promotes prosperity
  • Venus is the money planet that rules opulent wealth and luxury and is also known as Devi Laksmi in a chart. Venus rules both the 2nd house of wealth (Taurus) and 7th house of business (Libra)
  • Rahu is another powerful significator although it has to be connected with the right wealth giving planets in a chart. Rahu is good in 2nd and 11th for wealth provided the disposition is well placed. Also, Rahu gives sudden wealth.
  • Other planets become wealth significators if they form the panch mahapurusha yoga-like Ruchaka (Mars), Sasa (Saturn), Bhadra (Mercury)

Money Yoga in Astrology

There are many yogas that can generate wealth and it is not possible to mention them in this forum. But there is one particular yoga called Lakshmi Yoga that is a very powerful combination for yoga

  1. Lakshmi yoga is formed when the ascendant lord is in a Kendra/trikona and in own/exaltation/mooltrikona sign OR 9th lord is also in Kendra/trikona in own/exaltation/mooltrikona (mandatory condition) OR Venus is also in its own/exaltation/mooltrikona
  2. The combination of Mars-Moon forms Chandra Mangala yoga and is supposed to bring in wealth
  3. Venus-Mercury combination (Lakshmi-Narayan yoga) in wealth houses is also good for wealth
    Other charts/Lagnas

Check the Hora chart for money combinations (2,5,9,11 combinations). Preferably Venkatesh Hora as it gives good results. One can check for his chart in Jagannath Hora software available for free on the internet
Check your Indu Lagna (check for calculation online or JHora software). Check 2,5,9,11 combinations from Indu Lagna too.

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Example Charts of Famous celebrities money astrology by date of birth

2nd lord Moon sits in the all-powerful 10th house in a friendly sign of Pisces and is aspected by 11th lord Mars from a Kendra house. So the connection is established between 2nd and 11th lords
11th lord Mars is also in a Kendra house with an exalted Kendra lord and aspects its own 11th house
Jupiter, the significator of wealth is strong in Leo and aspects 11th house of massive gains
Lagna Lord Mercury is with 11th lord and aspected by 2nd lord. Money is coming to him
5th lord Venus of past merits is in its own 5th house and aspects 11th house
Rahu (which is carrying the power of 11th lord Mars) aspects 2nd house and 2nd lord
Asc lord Mer is exalted in 4th house forming a Bhadra Mahapurusha yoga and 9th lord Saturn is exalted in 5th house forming the most powerful Lakshmi Yoga
Sun is in Swati nakshatra. 2nd lord Moon is in Uttarabhadrapada, Rahu is in Jyestha

2nd lord Sun is in the most powerful 10th house and in an exalted state with the 11th lord Venus.
5th lord of past merit Mars is in 11th house with exalted Lagna lord Moon and aspects its own 5th house
Though 9th lord Jupiter is in 6th house it becomes powerful by being in own sign and aspects 2nd house and 2nd lord as well as 11th lord
Exalted Saturn in Kendra forms a Sasa Mahayoga and aspects 2nd n 11th lord
Lagna is in Pushya nakshatra. Moon is in Rohini. Saturn is in Swati.

2nd house is prominent with 4 planets — 11th lord Venus, Rahu, 10th lord Mercury and 9th lord Sun
2nd lord Saturn is exalted in 11th house
2nd house, 9th lord Sun and 5th house are all aspected by 2nd lord Saturn from 11th house thus connecting 2,5,9,11 for wealth
5th lord Mars forms a Chandra Mangala yoga
Jupiter the significator aspects 2nd house, 11th lord Venus, 9th lord Sun and 5th lord Mars
2nd lord Saturn is in Swati nakshatra

Significator Jupiter is powerful in its own house and aspects 5th and 9th houses
Ascendant and Jupiter is in the wealthy Revati nakshatra
2nd lord and 9th lord Mars is exalted in 11th house with 11th lord Saturn and both aspect 5th house
Ascendant and Asc lord Jup is aspected by 11th lord Saturn
Venus and 11th lord Saturn are in Dhanistha Nakshatra

Sun is in Dhanishtha and 2nd lord Moon is in Jyestha nakshatra
Although 2nd lord Moon is in debilitation in 6th house, by exchanging signs with its lord and 11th lord Mars, it gets a neechbhanga and acts as if it is in its own house. 2nd and 11th lord get powerfully connected
Rahu is in 2nd house in Pushya with 11th lord Mars and aspected by 9th lord Saturn from its own sign forming a powerful wealth combination
Jupiter is in 9th house and aspects 5th house
5th lord Venus is in own nakshatra Purvashadha

The standout part of this chart is that both Ascendant lord Venus and 2nd lord + 5th lord Mercury form a Lakshmi Narayan yoga in 8th house of inheritance showing massive wealth through family legacy and inheritance
9th lord Saturn is in 5th house in Virgo aspecting 11th house and 2nd house
Rahu is in the 11th house of massive gains
Moon and Mars form a Chandra Mangala yoga in the 9th house

Lagna lord Jupiter is in the 2nd house bringing him wealth. Although it’s debilitated but gets a neechbhanga from Moon
8th lord Moon is in 11th house in Vishakha nakshatra shows a powerful inheritance
11th lord Venus is in Ascendant with 9th lord Sun and aspected by 2nd lord Saturn shows the massive wealth
2nd lord Saturn is in Uttarabhadrapada

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Ascendant is in Dhanistha Nakshatra
For Aquarius ascendant, Jupiter is the most critical planet as it rules both the 2nd and 11th houses of wealth and since it is the significator also for these houses, it is important for Jup to be in good dignity. Here Jupiter is exalted in its own nakshatra Punarvasu (which means wealthy again) and aspects 2nd house. So in spite of becoming bankrupt once in his life, Punarvasu brought back his lost wealth through the KBC program
Moon is in 9th house in Swati nakshatra
The interesting part is that both 5th lord Mercury and 9th lord Venus are in the 8th house and aspecting 2nd house of wealth. Now 8th house can be deadly but Mercury gets exaltation here and hence all planets rise in power in this house. 8th house shows that his fortune has come from other people’s money and opinions (means that the public spent money on cinema halls to watch his movies and gave good reviews which catapulted him to stardom and wealth)

Lagna is in Vishakha nakshatra.
9th lord Moon is in 2nd house aspected by its own 2nd lord Jupiter from 10th house and a friendly sign of Leo
This is a strange chart where 3 planets including Venus, 11th lord Mercury are in the 6th house in an enemy sign, Aries. This shows that in Kaliyuga, a person can make use of competitive ability and difficult environmental circumstances to make money. 8th and 11th lord Mercury forms a Vipareet Rajyoga in 6th. We all know how Mukesh Ambani’s wealth grew by Jio telecom challenging competition and also how he made use of opportunities during Covid 19 times. This combination in 6th house is aspected by 2nd and 5th lord Jupiter
Hope this helps to identify wealth in a chart. The more strongly planets are placed in a chart i.e. dignity, ashtakavarga scores, vimshopaka Bala, vaishekamsha bala the more wealth a person will have. Moderate scores will give moderate middle-class wealth.

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