What House of Lagna Chart Say To You?

Have you seen the Lagna Chart? It is puzzled with houses and planets, right?

Here are some basic astrology points which will give an idea about those.

Read on to know more.

A given house as counted from some other house governs those things for that particular house. This means, if the 2nd house is wealth, and the 4th house is the mother. That means the 2nd house from the 4th house is the Mother’s wealth.

If the 3rd house is the younger sibling, and the 9th house is the Father, then the 3rd house from 9th house is Father’s sibling.

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Same way, the concept of bhava bhavam (Judgement of the respective houses from a given house) is used to analyze everything that exists. Some common examples for each house are given below:

The fourth house is your mother, and the first house is you yourself. Judging the first tells about your life; so the same way judging the fourth house itself tells about your mother. Judging the 9th house governs your father. Since the first house is also the house of physical features, the 9th house can define the physical features of the father.

The 5th becomes the mother’s wealth, 4th becomes the wealth of your younger sibling. Likewise, the 8th house is your spouse’s wealth and family.

The 11th house is the wealth of your career, hence it is the house of income from the job. The fifth house is the income from learning, hence it is the house of creativity and intelligence.

The 3rd house as counted from the 2nd house is the 4th house. Hence, 4th house is the successor to your wealth, that which comes after wealth. Thus, 4th is the house of comfort and conveyance. The 3rd house to the fourth house is the 6th. With comfort conveyance and success comes enemies. The 3rd from there is the 8th, with enemies comes struggle. The 3rd from there is the 10th house, with struggle actions arise. The 3rd from there is the 12th house, with action losses occur. 3rd from there is 2nd house, with losses gains occur.

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The 3rd from 3rd house is the 5th house, hence it is your next sibling or the sibling born after your immediate younger sibling. The Lagna is you, the 3rd your immediately younger brother, the 5th is your next younger brother after the previous one, and so on. 4th is the mother, and 6th is the 3rd from it. Hence, 6th is the successor to your mother. It is your mother’s younger sibling, as well as your stepmother if your mother dies. The 7th house is your wife, 3rd from it is your 2nd wife, and so on.

4th house from the 9th house is your father’s house and conveyance. 4th house from 4th house is your maternal grandmother. 4th house from 9th house again is your paternal grandmother.

5th house from the 5th house is your grandchildren. 5th house from the 9th house is your father’s children (you, the Lagna). 5th house from the 9th house is the product of destiny (the current life, Lagna). 5th house from 2nd house is the product of wealth (enemies, debts, 6th house).

If your father has an affair and brings another wife at home despite your mother being there, that stepmother is not a successor to your mother but an enemy. Hence, the sixth house from the 4th house is such a mother. If you have an affair outside marriage and you are cheating on your spouse, the 6th house from 7th house is that person. The sixth house from 9th house is your father’s ill health, debts and so on.

The seventh from 3rd house is your younger sibling’s wife. The seventh from 5th is your child’s spouse.

Eighth from the eighth house is the house of longevity. Eighth from the 9th house is father’s age. Eighth from 4th house is age and inheritance of your mother.

9th is the father of any house. Hence, the 9th house from the 9th house is the action of past life. The 9th is the destiny, its creator is the action of the past life (5th house). The product of those actions (5th from 5th) is again destiny (9th house). The father to wealth (2nd house) is karma or actions (10th house).

North Indian Chart Style
South Indian Chart Style

10th from 9th is the father’s profession. 10th from 7th is wife’s profession and so on.

11th from 7th is your spouse’s friends. 11th from 9th is your father’s gains and so on.

Twelfth from 8th house is the loss of age. Hence, the 7th house is the house of death. As said, 8th from 8th (3rd house) is longevity and thus 12th from it is another house of death (2nd house). 12th form 4th house (3rd house) is the loss of house and property.

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