Top 10 Best Astrologers in Hyderabad Will Change Your Life

With times rolling harder than human life has ever thought, this is the toughest situation for everyone. Let us see how Astrology helps you in this matter and the list of Top 10 Best astrologers in Hyderabad who will change your life. Read about the Best Astrologers in Hyderabad here.

  1. Sairam Shastry Ji: Having an experience of 40 years, Sairam Shastry Ji is the finest astrologer of Hyderabad. He is a Doctorate holder and also MA Astrology Scholar. Sairam Shastryji primarily operates from Hyderabad but he is also a well-known astrologer in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi cities. His areas of expertise include Love Astrology, Marriage Astrology, Career Astrology, Tantra and Mantra, Occult Sadhana, Meditation, and Yoga.

Phone: 8099810902. Check this out Best astrologer in Hyderabad

Best astrologer in Hyderabad at work

2. Sai ramshastry garu:- He is one of the renowned astrologers in Hyderabad. Guruji follows the traditional method of astrology reading by analyzing the planetary positions based on the birth chart prepared by the birth details of a person. He predicts the future events of the person with the movements of the planets and their Dasas. He conducts Saraswathi Homam, Chandi Pooja, Maha Lakshmi Homam, Maha Ganapathi Homam, Maha Mrutyunjaya Homam, Rudra Homam in Hyderabad for all the festivals. Phone: 9963654356,

4. R. Shastriji: Panditji is a traditional astrologer and proficient in Hindi, Telugu, English. He is known to give simple remedies for all the astrology problems. He makes a horoscope chart with the birth details of the person and analyzing them manually. Then he will cross-check with the computer-generated chart. He is known to remove evil eye effects and witch cult magic with good efficiency. People approach him with problems like not getting the right life partner, relationship issues. He is known to treat all astrological problems with simple solutions. Phone: 9987898798, Visit:

5. Astrologer vasu Garu: Shri Raghavendra Jyothisyalayam. He is a famous astrologer, palmist, numerologist. He provides solutions to all kinds of life problems like marriage, Business loss, Child issues, Kala sarpa dosham, Pitru dosham, navgraha dosham, and House problems. His areas of expertise include educational astrology and career development, Arga jataka vs financial astrology, medical astrology. He can conduct Shri Raghavendra Homam, Chandi Homam, Gayatri Homam, and all kinds of pooja services. Visit:

6. Srinivas He is a notable Telugu astrologer from Prakasam District, lives In Hyderabad. He has experience of more than 20 years and famous for his simple remedial astrology. He follows ‘Drukganitha paddhati’ which is approved by the Government of India. He is a conventional astrologer and with a good following base in the Two Telugu States. Telugu Panchang (calendar) written by him, called Gargeya panchangam is the best selling almanac among his followers. He organized Daily Astrology TV shows, Astrology Phone In programs to reach masses. He has held back with an FIR registered upon disgracing Women in Telugu Panchangam and resolved soon. He now independently arranging the Astrology YouTube Channel and Astrology Blog Platform to reach people. 293928097456427/

7. lakshmi: She is a famous lady astrologer in the Zee Telugu Gopuram program. She occasionally provides astrology consultation for her followers. She is famous for her slow narrating style which is unique and easily understandable to everyone. Through the program, she gives insights on day to day astrology, do’s and don’ts of the day as per tradition, and information about Indian festivals and Culture. Visit:

8 Ramalingeswar: M.R Siddhanthi is a famous Telugu astrologer. He predicts on the basis of Telugu Gantala Panchangam. He can predict individual and also World events with 90% accuracy. M.R Siddhanthi releases Telugu Gantala Panchangam from the past 14 years. He also releases North America (USA)English Panchangam for Telugu NRI’s. He offers products like Kukumalu, Sugandha dravyalu, Rupulu, and many more pooja items. Visit:

9. Sharma: Madhavi Sharma is an MBA graduate and MA astrology who has driven to astrology by instinct. She has a successful YouTube Channel through which she guides many astrology concepts with ease. She is an astrologer of choice for most Telugu people and also has a good client base. Her expertise includes Detailed life report services, marriage and match compatibility, marriage problems, Career Astrology, Childbirth and C section Muhurtha, Business astrology, Birth time rectification, Health issues, and dangers. She provides in-person consultation with a prior appointment. Visit msastrology com

10.Shree Guruji: He is another TV astrologer from the daily program in the Zee Telugu Omkaram. He is famous for his slow and easy narrating style. He is an expert in Gavvala shastra where one predicts astrology through “pachikalu”. He picks up astrology consultation over the dial-in phone astrology program. A user needs to send SMS to the phone number displayed in the program so that they will get a call back from the channel. Visit:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the charges to consult the Best astrologer in Hyderabad?

Answer: In Hyderabad, there are astrologers who are charging from 1000- 15000. Usually, astrologers consider the experience, successful client record, the system they use to predict future, and the time for consultation.

2. What are the general problems does an astrologer solve?

Answer: Marriage compatibility check, Career astrology advice, Health Astrology report, Psychology of the person, Job, current life problems and for Vastu advice too

3. How to choose the right astrologer in Hyderabad?

Answer: Choosing an astrologer is pretty tough but not impossible. Please check the prediction ability upfront and client reviews.

4. How long an astrology consultation lasts?

Answer: It ranges between 1–3 hours depending upon the session. Most astrologers charge per minute tariff for one question.

5. Can we trust an Online Astrology consultation?

Answer: It depends on the astrologer you choose. Most of the commercial, result-driven astrologers now provide online consultation due to the convenience of time and place, So choose wisely.

6. What if you don’t have birth details?

Answer: Date of birth, Time of birth, place of birth is mandatory to know astrology through Vedic, KP system, and other traditions forms. But an astrology reading is a more divine and instinct-driven method of predicting the future. So check this with the astrologer before consulting.

7. What is the birth time rectification method?

Answer: For those, who have birth details but the readings are inaccurate then they cross-check with the birth details. There is a slight variation for the actual birth time than the one provided. So in this case birth time will be rectified for three minutes as per system.

Women prefer to know their career, marriage, and dream house status of their life through astrology, while men prefer how their life partner would be. People who look for Astrology advice through online astrology consultation are in the age group of 22–40.

Apart from these, there are family astrologers who offer services to the community with traditional practices. Astrology is not magic science. But it doesn’t mean astrology is not valid. Believing in astrology or not is purely based on one’s mental conditioning and family preferences. Don’t believe in Chamatkar, Jaadu-tona, Black magic, Get your love back kind of things. You only lose yourself financially and physically.

Due to Covid19 Pandemic, life has been very tricky in terms of career, marriage, relations, money, and health matters. Health is the top priority now and the one suffering from serious ailments is in danger. To know how health status is in the horoscope, astrology reading will be very helpful.

Carrer life is another most issue now, which needs people immediate attention. Global Economic crashes are continuing and many companies are loading off their employees with the pink slip. This is the best time to upgrade your skills or to change to a new job. Career Astrology chart clearly says about your career, skills, job status, and even your most suitable field.

Marriage and relations are the most affected part of the Corona slush on our life. Due to lockdown, it is reported that domestic violence has increased by 25% than usual. Whereas this is a big curse for love birds who wish for their dream wedding just postponed or attended by a few people. Here, Marriage Astrology reports analysis on how your marriage life would be and give you insights about the relationship with your partner.

There are many more eminent astrologers in Hyderabad than mentioned in this list. Please leave your comment below.

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