Saturn In 1st House Makes You Rich

Saturn in 1st house in Horoscope defines the self, with Saturn’s placement there emphasizes its influence on the body and specifically Bones (skeletal structure), Skin, Teeth, Joints, and bile secretion. So when transited from this position it can trigger physiological events or even maladies to these specific organs. Saturn in 1st house makes a person slow and steady in the walk. Little sad and disciplined in life.

As per astronomy, Saturn is the second-largest planet in the solar system after Jupiter. Saturn has more than 20 moons which are officially recognized by NASA. Saturn and Jupiter had been in great conjunction on Dec 21, 2020, nearly after 400 years. This planet is called ‘Shani’ in Vedic astrology.

Let us know what Vedic astrology says about it.

Saturn in 1st house gives you wealth

Saturn in 1st house Vedic astrology

The 1st house of any chart is one of the most significant factors in the delineation of the chart. It Indicates the rising sign and the ruler of the chart. So Saturn here is no small consideration. Perhaps Saturn’s most famous attribute “Limitation” applied to the self the 1st house concerns can imply serious considerations in the natal chart.

Saturn in 1st house good or bad

A person becomes serious and even shy and demands stability in personal affairs to balance life. The negative side is that person may receive sorrow or separation from a wife or partner. Delay in marriage, laziness, and dirtiness can be observed in his lifestyle.

Such natives feel relaxed in the company of friends. They are likely to get success in life due to unworthiness which actually pushes them high. They are very calculative in nature.

The person is getting on to be, cooled, solemn, and working. He may have a challenging childhood and will encounter nature issues. There’ll be waits and boundaries in his undertakings. The native has to labor lengthy and hard for accomplishment. He may have an inadequate limb and a guilty moral. In case the planet is influenced in a reminder it’ll bestow shortcoming into the quantity of the trunk demonstrated by that sign. He might endure complication and chilliness. He can be long-lived if Saturn is in the indications of Jupiter or its powerful and peaceful or the ascendant.

Saturn in 1st house indicates that the person will be brilliant, criminal-minded as well as interested in alcohol/unwanted things.

Saturn in 1st house navamsa:

The native will possibly be frightened and scared in his before years, but will maybe be adventurous when he attains age. He will adore to be lonely and be silent. He can get wedded or the spouse could be of somewhat developed age. His relationship might endure and he might not be prosperous in cooperation.

Saturn in 1st house woman astrology:

Saturn in the first house positioned in its existence, own sign or in a reminder of how Jupiter will confer status and the income on the native. Unless of course, the planet is under reasonable implication or well-positioned, the indigenous will overcome a fall from a prime responsibility that she could achieve.

What is the effect of Shani in Lagna? :

They can undergo betrayal by friends or their aspirations might not be fulfilled. His mother will reside in an area other than her habitat of birth. His youngsters might not be well off and will have an intelligent belief toward life. His father will have a disorder or complication in the abdomen if the Sun or the sign of Leo has an unfavorable effect. The father may miss in assumption.

Saturn in 1st house marriage:

Marriage after 30 is obvious but one should get wedded after 33 to invite a pleasant harmonious and peaceful environment in married life. The native will not get settled fully in life or will not be stable materialistically and career-wise until 36 years of duration.

Saturn in 1st house career:

Growth in life starts after 36 yrs of age. He likes to be self-employed rather than doing a job under someone. One thing is this person whatever he does lay a strong foundation without craving for recognition and everything succeeds on the foundation laid by the person having Saturn in Lagna. Sometimes they can become pessimistic and introverted. Love for history can be seen in these people and they tend to dig in deep details of the past to increase their knowledge.

If lagna is having Saturn and if the person is having principles and discipline in following proper schedule then surely he/she attains heights.

Saturn in 1st house remedies

  • Don’t consume alcohol or nonveg.
  • Serve monkeys with jaggery
  • Worship lord hanuman is an effective remedy for Saturn in 1st house
  • Black/blue clothes should not be preferred to wear.
  • Bury Kala Surma in a lonely place to low the negative effect.
  • Pray Shanidev on Saturday with Beejmantra given below 108 times

Saturn In The First House For Aries Ascendant (Mesh Lagna)

Saturn Gets Debilitated in the first house or in the Rashi of Aries. Saturn aspects the 3rd house 7th house and the 10th house. Saturn is one planet that gives benefit after a lot of hard work and delays. The person feels that it takes him years to do what people do in minutes. the progress of everything slows down and also becomes a late bloomer. There can be a delay in marriage and delay in the Professional settlement.

Basically in Kaalpursh Kundli’s 1st house is a place of mars and Aries sign. Saturn becomes neech when it comes to the Aries sign. Also, Saturn loses its directional strength when it sits in the 1st house. Here, in this condition if the native activates Saturn he or she may create a problem as Saturn will damage the 1st house damaging the health or person itself because of less digbala.

Saturn In The First House For Taurus Ascendant (Vrishabha Lagna)

Saturn does not become a yoga karaka for Taurus just by the virtue of being the 9th and 10th lord. This is the most absolute law.

However, Saturn always remains benefic for Taurus ascendant, but its aspect always remains malefic for all signs. Which is to say, for Taurus Saturn will not damage the Lagna or other houses by its presence. However, it will still afflict with its aspect. For Taurus Ascendant people Saturn rules the 9th and 10th house. 9th house us a trine house whereas the 10th house is a Kendra house hence both the houses are considered auspicious. Saturn thus is a Yogakaraka planet for Taurus ascendant and is the most benefic planet for Taurus Ascendant natives.

For a planet to be yoga karaka it has to rule one trine house (5th and 9th only) and one Kendra house. Saturn for Taurus Ascendant, Mars for Leo ascendant, etc. But it is important to read where is Saturn placed and how much strength it has to give benefic results.

As far as becoming a Yogyakarta is concerned, Saturn would need to qualify by virtue of being placed in a good house (Kendra or trine) or relationship with a Kendra or trine lord.

Saturn In The First House For Gemini Ascendant (Mithun Lagna)

Lord Saturn or Shani dev as we refer to him is known to be a natural malefic, 7 the house for a Gemini ascendant is Sagittarius.

The placement of Saturn in this 7 the house will result in a delay in marriage as Saturns aspect or effect causes a delay in regard to the placement. So u can say Saturn may delay marriage in your case.

However, Saturn for a Gemini ascendant is a beneficial planet so marriage may be late ( Shani dev will do his job as usual) but it will prove to be beneficial for the native and in the case of Saturn the more the delay the better. I have observed that this delay is only till age 28 and marriage in these cases generally happens between the age of 29–35 and is very beneficial.

Saturn In The First House For Cancer Ascendant (Kark Lagna)

Saturn rules 7th house & 8th house for cancer Lagna. It is considered a maraka planet because the Moon rules Cancer and Saturn & Moon have enmity.

Marriage will get delayed, it is believed that if a person marries before 28 years of age then divorce or separation may happen. So it's advisable to marry late especially after 28 years of age. Partnership with spouse will be highly stable, the spouse will be a hard worker and will possess a practical approach. Marriage will bring in prosperity and the person may get wealth and earnings from their spouse. However presence of love may be less because Saturn is not a planet of love, marriage may feel to be a responsibility in most stages of life. In short After marriage life will bring in more prosperity.

Saturn In The First House For Leo Ascendant (Simha Lagna)

It is taking off to make the native innovative, perceptive, scientific, and fascinated in the occult, and in the Leo, it’ll make him influential. It’s not reasonable for the longevity of younger siblings, or they might be against the person. or Virgo, Saturn is the lord of 5th and 6th houses. So, while it is not as benefic as it is for Gemini (another sign owned by Mercury), it's not a functional Malefic. The reason is that the Lagnesh Mercury is friends with Saturn. When Saturn is Exalted in the 8th house, he should be able to give favorable results regarding both the 6th and 8th houses. Since Saturn is a friend to Lagnesh, he intends to give favorable results only.

Vipareet Raj Yoga occurs when a Dusthana lord sits in another Dusthana. It is a kind of great benefit combination, wherein, due to the concept of negative and negative makes positive, a Functional Malefic when placed in a bad house, gives sudden good results after some initial suffering. There are two aspects to it. Firstly, the planet doesn't become benefic, it only gives good result after giving some initial suffering. Secondly, it's not a life-long yoga, it has to get activated.

Saturn In The First House For Virgo Ascendant (Kanya Lagna)

For Virgo ascendant, Saturn is a benefic planet, but we need to check its degree is strong or not.

According to the strength of Saturn, you will get the results during Saturn Dasha. For Kanya Lagna Saturn is 5th and 6th lord, if Saturn situated in Kendra then a yoga called shank yoga is created.

As lord of 5th Saturn with good benefit aspects gives good intelligence, education, and better relationships with children, good power authenticity, good free-flowing of money and success, etc.

In 6th as it’s lord is its powerful moola trikona sign also a dusthana when afflicted, but not, it is upachaya sthana shows good wealth accumulation, a good relationship with relatives, hard-working and winning over the enemy, litigation and good improvements in one’s service, etc., very well attracted towards women is also predicted.

Saturn In The First House For Libra Ascendant (Thula Lagna)

For Libra ascendant Saturn being 4th and 5th lord, it is a powerful yoga karaka. So Saturn exalted in Lagna creates Sasa Yoga. Sasa Yoga means When Saturn occupies Kendra which should be the Own house or exalted house, then Sasa Yoga is caused. As per Vedic definition, Sasa Yoga gives the native extreme power like a ruler, to apply to the modern context the native will be head of a small or medium organization based on other Yoga factors in the horoscope.

But we also need to see what are other planetary aspections and conjunction including Shadbala of Saturn to conclude accurately. Moreover, Saturn in Swati nakshatra is ruled by Rahu, so we need to access the strength of Rahu and its placement. Saturn exalted in Libra which is ruled by Venus, so the placement of Venus is also important in predicting the result. So Combining the result of Sasa Yoga, aspection or conjunction from other planets, placement of Rahu its aspect and conjunction, placement of Venus and its aspection, conjunction we need to conclude the result.

Saturn In The First House For Scorpio Ascendant(Vrischika Lagna)

Saturn shows maturity, justice, hard work, and honesty. Now, as 7th house denotes majorly marriage, partnership, spouse, etc., it indicates a matured and serious natured spouse who could be somewhat elder to you, wheatish to dark-complexioned, disciplined person, less talkative and principled. The could be delayed unless aspected by Jupiter. If aspected by Rahu, it may develop separative tendencies. Your spouse, with placement, cannot be henpecked, but rather assertive, systemic, organized, and hard working with a serious.

Being in Scorpio sign the impact of Mars could be known only after knowing more detail of Mars. Saturn here will generally give late marriage and as Saturn is not okay with Mars therefore a person may feel trapped in a relationship.

Saturn In The First House For Sagittarius Ascendant (Dhanu Lagna)

Saturn will be in 7th house in Sagittarius in Gemini ascendant. Saturn in 7th house in Sagittarius means the Ascendant sign is Gemini. For Gemini Ascendant Saturn is the lord of the 8th and 9th houses. Mainly the behavior of Saturn will be that of 9th house. Saturn gives very good results when posited in Sagittarius or Pisces. The native will be blessed with a very good wife and children and also with a lot of wealth. The native may have a love affair with a person of lower stature but with care and share of everything. Eventually, the person will get married.

Here Saturn is Lord of 8th and 9th Lord in Gemini ascendant. 9th Lord in 7th increases luck after marriage but Being Lord of 8th in 7th is not good for the longevity of the native.

Although Saturn is strong in 7th house as it is the natural house of the Libra sign where Saturn becomes exalted but here it delays marriage and if delayed Saturn brings stability to the marriage in long run. Although 8th Lord in 7th can break one marriage of the native if married at young age considering 7th sign Sagittarius is a dual sign it can bring more than one marriage to the native.

Saturn in 7th house brings mature and serious partner and Sagittarius sign gives an aggressive personality also but A lot depends upon the position of 7th Lord Jupiter.

Saturn In The First House For Capricorn Ascendant (Makar Lagna)

For a Capricorn Ascendant, Saturn is Ascendant Lord. It is very powerful when placed in its own sign and will rise up to the level of devata ( Planets in their own house are tattva pradhan). The person will have a strong character and good intelligence and is supposed to have good health based on other planetary placement. The native may suffer bad luck or some health issue. Saturn in 1st house (Ascendant) is in Marana Karak Sthana i.e Dying due to its placement. That has to remedy. The next thing is that person may marry twice as first might broke (subject to other planetary placement). Hence you can expect a golden period in Saturn Mahadasha, giving you all-around growth, especially in areas of career, money, and good happenings in the family. This constitutes one of the “Panch Mahapurush Yogas” a powerful and rare Sash Yoga that is one of the best yogas for temporal benefits, discipline, and ability to move socially upwards. Saturn normally bestows material prosperity, discipline, and drive to the native.

Saturn In The First House For Aquarius Ascendant (Kumbh Lagna)

In Aquarius Ascendant, Saturn is Ascendant/Lagna lord and sits in Ascendant then here Saturn relaxes a bit, but only a bit, as it is Saturn’s Mool Trikon Sign. Saturn is one of the slowest moving planets in the solar system. Its qualities are reflected in our lives. So, delays are naturally expected in life events for Saturn ruled people. However, these people are all about making things better for others. They have innovative ideas but those ideas are always for making the life of others more convenient. Of course, they will also gain through it but basic motivation is making a difference to the world. They like discipline in life. They run large organizations or lead a large group of people for the common higher goals. As Saturn also rules the 12th house of Foreign Lands/Isolated Places/MNCs, mostly these people are seen working in a big corporation in foreign lands.

Saturn in the First house for Pisces Ascendant (Meena Lagna)

For Pisces ascendant Saturn being 11th & 12th lord becomes functional malefic, generally 12th lord in Lagna will make a person travel away from home country provided if 9th lord is also well placed.

Since Saturn occupies Pisces the sign ruled by Jupiter who is neutral to Saturn, it is bound to produce a moderate result. If Lagna lord Jupiter is well placed then the native will not have any issues, if Jupiter is afflicted then the native may have setbacks and constant health issues especially if the 6th lord Sun also becomes weak.

When Saturn occurs to be positioned in 7th house of a horoscope in a particular chart tells native may fall for a spouse who may be aged than native in age and also in the understanding of life.

Life for people with Saturn in the first house of Horoscope

Nonetheless, Native’s matrimonial life will full of devotion, confidence, and steadfastness on a partner to a specific extent. But there could also be a specific feeling of restriction and lack of warmth in your matrimonial life. Although your matrimonial life will be fulfilling and long-lasting despite being an impression of lethargy in your conjugal life. The wife will be looking after your intentions and hope and will be responsive to your emotions but you will somehow not be fully pleased and fulfilled with your relationship and family life.

Saturn in the 7th house demonstrates a processed connection with in-laws and affectionate families. Saturn in 7th house gives problems and drawbacks in the family after Marriage. Saturn in 7th house may also bestow the liability of at least one parent at an initial age. Relation with household units, juniors, and servants/laborers will not constantly be amicable or steady.

Love Affair for people with Saturn in the first house of Horoscope

A Native will not be active in an affection relationship in their whole life except one or maybe two both will be crucial ones but will finally become fruitless and unfulfilling. Native dreams and appetites for passion and connection will not be fulfilled in life. Native mainly takes off for arranged marriage when Saturn happens to be in the 7th house from Kundli.

Native’s sex life will not be that sensational and charming. The native will be devoid of sexual happiness and warmth till a young age. Even after Marriage, the native will limited care for physical solitude and more for discovering emotional and mental balance in the family as we as in life.

Native may also mourn from any sexual disease or crises in sexual components at a period of a momentary period. The native will lack sexual privacy in life even with their spouse.

The matrimonial life of the native will be all-around decent but there will be an absence of mutual knowledge and co-operation within the relationship on a few circumstances or conditions. The native will not get ample sexual happiness from a partner.

Although the Wife will be loyal and good but married life will be uneventful with many duties including the duty of other family units.

Career for people with Saturn in the first house of Horoscope

The native will do admires if involve in the political line. The native will serve through NGO and other charitable sources. the favorite will become the favorite of needy class in their life, extremely when implicating in politics. Native can also come to be an exceptionally prosperous builder, contractor, engineer, civil designer, etc.

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Frequently asked questions about Saturn in the first house

Which house is bad for Saturn?

Saturn is not a bad planet and gives good results.

Which house is Saturn good in?

Saturn rules two signs Capricorn & Aquarius. It’s Own or Self-sign where Saturn does not require any instructions. So these houses are good for Saturn. Saturn is most good in the 10th house from Lagna.

How do you calm Saturn?

Saturn in the first house may make you put on a show of being a chilly, controlled, and calm trained individual in your everyday customary routine life.

Is Saturn good or bad?

When Saturn is well placed within the birth chart, the individual is meager, diligent, diligent, reliable, stable, patient, and possesses the power to concentrate.

Does Saturn give wealth?

He can do well in speculation, gambling, etc. The native van comes to be a mass administrator and accomplishment in politics is possible after the age of 38. Business in a vehicle or dealing with steel and rod or industry of hardware will recoup you immense dividends and wealth after introductory drawbacks, waits, and disappointments. You will get stability in your job after the age of 36. You will get much earnings and capital from business cooperation.

Does Saturn cause death?

If Saturn is in a good state, like in Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius then physical health might not be any trouble maker.

Does Saturn give love marriage?

Saturn in the first house makes one self-righteous, separative, disciplined, cruel, planner, dark-skinned or complex, administrative, and silent. But at the same time spoil the house of marriage, and such native will not have a happy married life. It destroys family happiness or general happiness, such native is always surrounded by sorrows, thus, feel separative, revolting in nature. These significations changes with sign-in which Saturn is placed in the first house, it’s lordships, planets placed with Saturn and planets aspecting Lagna.

Is Saturn in 7th house good?

There will be disturbances in the connection facet from time to time. But general, Native will be peaceful too and will form long sticking of understanding and cooperation with Some powerful and rich people in the community. Friends of native will be very prosperous with rich subordinates.

What does Saturn in the 7th house mean?

A consequence of Saturn in 7th can fluctuate from the person because of various sign arrangement in 7th house, Saturn’s importance, combustion, grade, stability, lordship, disorder, intersection, malefic or benefic aspect on Saturn, assortment, Astakvarga, etc.

Saturn in 1st house Indian celebrities

Amitabh Bachhan, MK Gandhi, Sachin Tendulkar, Rohit Roy, Priyanka Patil, and many other famous Indian celebrities are with Saturn in 1st house in their horoscope

Saturn Maha Mantra / Shanidev Beej Mantra

OM Neelanjana samabhasam|

Raviputram yamagrajam||

Chaya martanda sambhootam |

Tam namami Shanischaram||

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