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These are the houses which are when signified by a planet, makes a planet positive for the career. This combination is not very rare but hardly you will notice many planets signifying this combination in a horoscope. Usually, 3 or less than 3 planets signify this and the rest of the planets are just okay for a career.

This is how you identify the positive planets.

Change of job happens when the planets signify 5th and/or 9th house along with the 6th and/or 10th house.

5th house is 12th to the 6th house and 8th to the 10th house, therefore, it brings the end to your existing job and then you switch to a new job.

When these positive houses for a career are absent and planets signify the 5th or 9th house, the person finds it hard to get a job and in some cases sit at home.

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Any planet can make the job change happen when it signifies the above combination. This is the truth.

So, no need to look at your Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter or Saturn for change of job.

The planets bring their own characteristics to the event.

Sun and Moon are the royal planets. They increase the chances of getting a new job in some government office.

Jupiter and Venus represent respect and comfort. They will get you a job where the infrastructure is well developed.

Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu represent the low type of places. The job will be at a place not well developed.

Using this knowledge about planets and houses, one can accurately predict or plan when they should change a job.

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This is the method that I use to predict because it can accurately tell when the job change will happen and when the change of job will be beneficial to a person.

Change of job is not always smooth for everyone and sometimes people do end up taking the wrong type of job because they try to change job at the wrong time.

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First, you need to identify the planets supporting for a job change.
Then you need to see which of these planets are positive and which are negative for the career.
Select only the planets which are positive.
If you will change job during the time period of these positive planets supporting a job change, you will see growth and will feel satisfied with your new job.

You consult with people who changed their job, switched to a better paying job, but because the change of job happened at the wrong time, they ended up getting into depression and missed their old job.

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