Rahu in 7th house really does no good?

Rahu is a chhaya graha. 7th house in the horoscope represents marriage, relationships, and love life. When Rahu sits in 7th house it means there must be a delay in marriage, possessiveness, and loving nature. It is also responsible for the unexpected ups and downs in married life.

Rahu in 7th house Marriage Life

Rahu in 7th house tries to dominate and likes to see only whichever way the person wants his people around. Any slightest dislike of a native will manifest in blaming others instead of understanding it as his own dislikes reflecting in others( 7th house) like in a mirror. This situation escalates when any bad planet associates with 7th house and the 7th lord.

Rahu in 7th house Relationships

A person with Rahu in 7th house tries to get a spouse from another sect or another culture like intercaste marriages. They will face differences in talks and rituals, daily activities, and sometimes end up in divorces. Rahu will veil up the person and make him a highly egoistic and unbearable person to his spouse. Rahu in 7th will most probably show differences in the ways they both think and behave, and in some cases breaking of the relationship.

Here, other planetary factors also matter. And the study of navamsa is also important for this factor.

Rahu in 7th house Love life

According to Vedic astrology, Rahu Ketu in the seventh house exerts its influence on marriage, marital life, and daily business, which results in the seventh house according to the position of Rahu Ketu. if there is the presence of Rahu in the first or seventh house of the horoscope then the marriage of a person is different from the thinking of the family members. He wishes to marry such a person, where initial denial can be done by family members.

If such Rahu gets along with the planet Guru, then this marriage is accepted by the family members soon, but if there is no effect of any auspicious planet, the husband and wife may have to struggle a lot to save their marriage.

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We all know that Rahu is a mysterious and incomprehensible shadow planet that understands Rahu, it also understands its fruit. But Ketu is also a sin shadow planet which is the original part of Rahu which is almost like Rahu. Gives fruit in the seventh house. Rahu’s nature is to walk away from the rut. This is the reason that when the marriage relationship is related to Rahu, then he gets married out of the box. That is, a person can marry away from his traditions and customs.

Rahu in 7th house case delay in marriage life

If Rahu is in the seventh house then the native is transcendental. The wife/husband of such a person is attractive but attraction goes away with time. The marital life of such a person is not very happy. The character remains suspicious. The wife of this native is fierce and quarrelsome. He does not get complete female pleasure.

Rahu in 7th house spouse appearance

The seventh house Rahu gives impetus to the young men to be adulterous because their woman is not sweet and beautiful anymore, they are not willing and loyal, their nature is cruel. It is said that they have two marriages, the woman can have leucorrhoea and the man can have diabetes.

The 7th house of the horoscope is the house of marriages, married life and partnership business, daily business. Here Rahu is in the seventh house according to that position of the planet is in the horoscope.

Does Rahu in 7th house a bad sign?

In astrology, this planet is considered a shadow planet and due to this planet, the sun and lunar eclipse occur. There is a mythological legend regarding the Rahu Ketu planet. It is said that when Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini to give the nectar to the gods and demons and started feeding the nectar, Rahu Ketu was also hidden in this line as he was being deprived of the nectar, taking advantage of time himself. Started drinking amrita. Surya and Chandra saw all this and immediately told Lord Vishnu that Lord Vishnu was angry and hit them with the same grunt from which the nectar was being served, due to this strike the head of the one flew and the other’s torso flew away. Since both of them had tasted a little nectar, so they could not die, and after doing austerity, they were also included in the planets. Consider getting a personalized horoscope reading from the best astrologer in India for accurate predictions about Rahu in 7th house.

Why is Rahu Ketu bad in 7th house?

Normally Rahu or Ketu or any sin planet is not auspicious in the seventh house. Here it is talking about Rahu being the seventh house. Rahu gives the most auspicious results in the Vayu element, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. If these three Among zodiac signs, Rahu sits alone in the seventh house and Guru Venus is seen by Mercury, then gives auspicious results for married life, although there may be a delay in getting married if Saptamesh is not afflicted then one gets married soon.

Which house is good for Rahu?

Rahu is an illusion and it creates illusions in the house it sits in. Since Rahu is in the 7th house, we can’t really see the real side of men that comes into life. What we see and what we get are completely different. Eventually, illusions fade and the person sees the reality.



Well, am just a curious internet bee. Pro Astro Blogger. Follow me for Indian Astrology, Jyothish articles. Editor -http://spiritualsadhana.com

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Well, am just a curious internet bee. Pro Astro Blogger. Follow me for Indian Astrology, Jyothish articles. Editor -http://spiritualsadhana.com