Immunity Astrology will help you beat Covid 19

Immunity is the police system of our body. Immunity Astrology can help you to know how you fights against diseases like Corona-virus.

Health is wealth — an old saying in India which is true at all times. As the rise of pandemic ringing bells and every one in this World are effected by Covid 19 let us have a look how Immunity astrology help us

Mars is planet of Energy signifies the body building material bones, teeth, Jaw, Muscle strength, Blood and vitality. So position of Mars in one’s horoscope can give us basic idea about health condition. If Mars is badly afflicted, then it could create blood related health issues. If the 8th house lord is afflicted, then it would create health issues in the areas around the urinals/bowels/vagina/genital in the body. If the Mars has relevance to the 8th house (or) 8th House lord, then the health troubles mainly center around the blood related disorder.

Rahu and Ketu will not create any diseases on their own, But they would certainly aid the multiplication of those troubles & keep the native checkmated on those troubles.

Planets and Devi Devta (goddess and gods) related to

Tridosha, the five elements (Panchtatva),teen,gunas (Satt,Rajas,Tamas) are As follows.

three Gun…Planets

Satvik -Jup. sun.,moon

Rajasik-mer. Venus

Taamsik,-Mars Saturn

Dosha and Planets


Kapha -Moon, Venus,Jupiter

Vaayu-saturn, Venus,moon.


Panchtatva and Planets.

Agni — sun,Mars




Gun and God.and Devi


Rajogun-Vishnu ,,Laxmi

Tamogun-Mahesh, Mahakali

Tridosh-Maa Durga.

Genetic immunity

Surya Moon and Lagna play extremely important roles in the horoscope. Good health needs to be extinguished. If all three are well then the person is saved from the beginning. The eighth house is the house of age, so the eighth house and its owner must also be checked. Congenital immunity is good in the following situations: — -

1. Powerful lagna and lagnaesh

2. Ascendant and Ascendant lord being in the auspicious state

3. Inauspicious planets and Gulika positioned in 3,6,11

4. Auspicious planets in the center & triangle

5. Saturn in the eighth house.

6. Powerful Ashtamesh

7. Karkas strength is good

8. Ascendant house lord in the ascendant and eighth house lord in 8th house

In the birth chart, external, internal diseases of the body can be easily understood from the chakra points of the Lagna, Surya, and Chandra. The lagna is representative of the diseases outside, and the sun is related to the diseases inside, fast, nature, and the moon’s relationship with diseases related to the mind. The interaction or enmity of these three planets with other planets gives rise to various diseases of the body.

Chandra, Mars, and Saturn have been considered more responsible for blood pressure. The fear and destruction of Saturn and Sadhesati are often discussed, thousands of remedies are also to be taken. The people suffering from such planetary conditions to suffer from blood pressure. Diabetes has also become a common disease like blood pressure. Mental stress and irregular eating have been cited as the reason.

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