How Your Mind Speak To You?

We were told that inside every human, there is a quiet person who we call as conscience. Our conscience is always right and that is why it is said that we are part of God.

All great people have accepted that the voice of conscience is the voice of God and this matter is not related to any particular religion.

The simplest way to be happy is to listen to the voice of our conscience because our conscience is always right in every situation.
Whenever we are doing something bad, we feel something strange from within as if someone is telling us not to do that bad thing. It is our conscience which prevents us from doing anything bad or hurting anyone. And if we ignore the voice of our conscience, then our contact with our conscience becomes weak.

Meditation is the Key

When we are going to do something bad for the second time, we feel the voice of our conscience again, but this time the voice is not so strong because our contact with our conscience has become weak.

As we continue to ignore our conscience, our contact with our conscience becomes weaker and a day comes that we do not hear that voice at all.
As our contact with our conscience gets weaker, we start feeling depressed and seek happiness in material things. We become unable to solve problems, so that “stress” becomes our companion.

And in such a situation, we have to connect ourselves back to our conscience and the best way to do this is meditation.
As soon as we stop hearing our conscience, we do not control ourselves and we do not recognize right and wrong. In such a situation, we do not control ourselves but circumstances control us. We start doing what laziness, fear, stress, greed, anger, pride and jealousy make us do.

Meditation is a method of self-control and self realization that makes our life easier and happier. Meditation increases our confidence and concentration, which changes our attitude towards problems. We are able to solve problems very easily in constructive ways which reduces stress.

All great people have recognized that our conscience has a wonderful power. We also sometimes feel that maybe our conscience is a part of God or our conscience is always attached to God, then only then it is true in every situation.

Therefore, before joining God, we have to connect with our conscience or say that when we join our conscience, then we are automatically get connected with that wonderful divine power and meditation connects us with our conscience.
By continuously doing Meditation every day we start having wonderful experiences which cannot be told by words. We start getting answers to the questions which were still unresolved. We feel as if we have a power that will always help us.

To calm the mind, instead of trying, it is necessary to give up efforts and this is the purpose of meditation.

Meditation is a natural state of mind that removes the emptiness within us. It changes our lives so that we learn to be happy except to find happiness in material things. Every moment of our life becomes happy and we learn to live in the present.

When our mind is calm and satisfied, then our concentration increases so that we can solve problems better and in those problems we start seeing possibilities.

It is said that the cause of most diseases is anxiety or stress. Through meditation, we can make the mind positive and stress-free so that positive energy enters our body and our body becomes healthy.

Research has revealed that Meditation and Healing Power are beneficial in many diseases including cancer and many types of diseases can be overcome with meditation because most of the diseases are caused by Stress or Anxiety and Meditation can remove Stress or Tension.

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