How Best Astrologer in India Predict Your Future?

Astrology has been around for eons and it has been used to predict the future in many parts of the world. How do astrologers predict the future? There are 6 easy ways by which this can be done.

1. Lunar Cycles

Usually, there is a full moon every month and sometimes two, which is called a Blue Moon. During this time, people will experience many things. There will be sudden changes, plans may go haywire or things start moving forward, etc. There may be births, arguments and new-found confidence too. Which type of energy the Full Moon will bring will depend on which sign it occupies. It is said that a new moon is a time to plant seeds while a full moon brings fruition. During the full moon, people feel very energetic. They may go on a first date, socialize or have an argument. Relationships could either start or end now.

Chandrama Manso Jataha! ( Moon impacts Mind-Sanskrit)

The New Moon also influences people’s feelings. They may retreat to reflect on something and explore their spiritual truth. They will not feel very energetic. New Moon to Full Moon is a creative period while the period from the Full Moon to the new is less creative and rather confusing.

2. Retrograde Cycles

Venus, Mercury, and Mars are inner planets. Each has a certain effect when it turns retrograde. Retrograde Mercury will cause havoc to mail, electronics and communication 3 times in a year for 3–4 weeks at a time. During this time, websites and computers crash and people have trouble communicating their thoughts to others. Once Mercury turns direct, things will return to normal.

Retrograde Venus brings dreams of ex-lovers and they may even make a comeback in our lives. During Mars retrograde, one’s libido will be weak and our energy flags temporarily. When the planets go direct, there will be a change in ourselves and others.

3. Eclipses

It is easy to predict what will happen each year when there is an eclipse. Expect major changes in life and core belief systems. During eclipses, we may move to new homes, get new jobs, enter new relationships and make more such important life decisions. These changes will occur for everyone at the same time. One can even feel the shift in energy as these events loom ahead. During a solar eclipse, the energy of the sun pushes us forward. This is the time to focus on our goals so that the sun propels us towards our goals.


4. Saturn Returns

Saturn return is a major transition in the lives of people that is quite predictable. This is when the planet of time and responsibility, Saturn, returns to the same place in the heavens that it occupied on the day you were born. Usually, it happens at the age of 29. It’s a rite of passage which makes us more mature and realize our life purpose. It’s like karma giving us a painful but timely reminder that we are not pursuing our true calling. During this period, we may undergo a soul-reckoning experience. It may bring some existential crises and change a person’s life and core beliefs too. Despite being a challenging period, it is also a sort of rebirth which helps us to grow on a deeper level.

5. Horoscopes

There are daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes. They can indicate what we will have to deal with during particular periods. Taking a look at your horoscope before, after and during planetary transits can reveal these themes. It’s also necessary to read the horoscope for your Rising sign as well as the Sun sign.

Horoscope in daily papers

6. Locate The Inner Planets

The theme for a particular month and the way people will act and feel is determined by the sign occupied by the sun. The sign occupied by the Moon determines the emotion that rules the day and the energy available to us. The sun remains in a sign for 30 days while the Moon spends 2.5 days. Familiarity with the planetary energies and sign characteristics helps predict how the inner planets in a significantly influence our general mood. To find out where each planet will be, one can make use of an ephemeris. This gives data about which sign each planet occupies daily. Outer planets too have a significant effect on us. Planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus have larger cycles that create predictable scenarios, both small and large.

All is well in your future!

If you reside in India and are worried about the future, you can consult the best astrologer in India to know what the future holds for you. Some of the famous astrologers in India are available online at Spiritual sadhana, an astrology hub that many of the country’s leading astrologers are a part of.

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