Easy Tips To Fight Covid19 Depression

This situation is new to us. We accept. But the problem is not. We have seen many critical troubles which make our mind depressed. As the world is terrorizing with the fear of Covid19 fast spread here are the easy tips to fight the depression from Ancient Indian culture and Vedanta.

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Indian Epics like Ramayana and Mahabharatha shows how to deal with this kind of human mental state very clearly. Indian Astrology is also an excellent branch that discusses which planet is responsible for the human moods based on the birth horoscope chart.

” A famous line in Vedas says the moon represents the mind. Here are the brief summary points about how to deal with Covid19 home quarantine depression:-

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  1. Fully accept that life has temporarily changed and you will see suffering.
  2. Follow the precautions and protocols recommended by the authorities properly. Don’t be reckless and think of the community.
  3. Accept that the inconveniences you will face are necessary for the greater good.
  4. Connect with people every day to lower loneliness.
  5. Panic will not help. Social distancing will, personal hygiene will, staying at home will, and psychologically supporting others will.
  6. It is ok to feel frustrated and overwhelmed but make an attempt to calm down. Long-lasting anxiety and stress are always detrimental to health.
  7. Accept that there will be uncertainty regarding the spread of the disease.
  8. Accept that you cannot cling-on to a possible best-case scenario or a worst-case scenario.
  9. Understand that you will need to update your point-of-view and make changes in life as soon new information is published by the authorities.
  10. Overthinking or underthinking about anything will not lead to any extra useful outcome in your life, following official guidelines will help you deal with it without thinking much.
  11. Remember, the hardest part of thinking about all of this is already being done by scientists and public health workers who are working on it 24/7. They have technically offloaded the burden of figuring things out from most of us.
  12. Accept that almost every human around you is affected in some capacity. Almost everyone around you is sad, frustrated, angry, helpless, and worried about something new. Show kindness and compassion.
  13. Find a way to make your day rewarding, fun, and meaningful. The lack of work and socializing can create an existential crisis so find things that you are motivated to do and try feeling a sense of accomplishment and control.
  14. Be grateful for the things and support you have during the crisis.
  15. Take solace in the fact that this too shall pass. We have in the past, and we will in the future. Our collective job is to get through it better and more effectively every single time.

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