Can you find a real online astrologer in India?

Have you seen so-called astrologers online: scientific astrologer, young astrologer, honest astrologer, Vedic astrologer, KP astrologer, Nadi astrologer, tantric astrologer, (Of course go to them in case you want pure entertainment like reading your mind, etc which they do due to their being lowest level tantric sadhaks who failed miserably in tantra and now opened up a shop to show gimmicks. Top-level tantric will not display their powers nor will advertise onYouTube) genius astrologer, celebrity astrologer (who charge upwards of 50k for one question), astrologer-from-astrology-family, Himalayan astrologer, TV astrologer, Bollywood astrologer, Specialized astrologer, App astrologer, Baba Bengali, Mutkarni Specialist, Lal Kitab astrologer, and so on.

Astrologer giving predictions

All these are self-awarded and self-claimed fancy terms of astrologers. None, repeat none have any expertise to predict100% correctly. All will talk about planets, houses, conjunctions, aspects, yogas, degrees, the natal chart, the navamsa chart, Dasha and Dosha, etc. Then they will extend their “expertise” to talking about scriptures, Astro-text shlokas, mythology, etc (they won't even know where the useless talk comes out from and they keep on talking about scriptures ) and finally the one which is the moolah earning for them: remedies (costly remedies ). These things you can learn yourself from books. Or You can Do It Yourself Astrology.

The ability to predict (both event and timing ) is the thing that defines an astrologer, and none from Justdial or Sulekha or YouTube or Quora or other online ones ( all are online these days and call themselves celebrity astrologer + world famous + expert ), have any predictive power! And especially app-based astrologer who charges per minute to the minute have no ability to say confidently yes or no to our questions.

And when you point out their predictions failed they will not have the spine to reply to your call or SMS or email or WhatsApp or they will simply take recourse to the escape valve: “Yes my predictions would have been accurate but you didn’t use free will”, “Astrology is for guidance, not to predict, you didn't take proper steps as per my guidance “ (Guidance, you can't predict an event and timing so where is the future incident on which you will guide me? Free will? Then why are you an astrologer? If people are so much destined to use free will then your predictions will never match right? So if you say I will lose money at this then, I just use so-called free will and make money instead of losing, isn’t it? God’s will, destiny can also be twisted with free will I suppose?. It is the Gods will-destiny which you are supposed to predict from my charts and guide me so that I go with the follow but alas none of you so-called astrologers are that much capable)

So do not fall into the trap. If you still want to find out a good astrologer do a small exercise: Go to all online resources of astrologer by astrologer — YouTube, word press, quora, etc and see which astrologer has a predictions rate of 75–85percentage— the upward and downward swing of it within some reasonable error margin like plus/minus 15–20 days (as planets take time to show effect, so something predicted theoretically for 7th of the month, for example, will manifest after some time ).

Another tip: When you go to an astrologer he will start describing you and your family, and some basic data about your past, physical and mental composition (which you can also do yourself and is based on basic planetary positions and characteristics which are mostly true and does not require any predictive power ) and of course your planetary positions, aspects, etc. Then ask pointed questions on some probable event of the next 2–4 months in your life. That way you will be able to verify within a reasonable time if the guy has the ability to predict rather than keeping on blindly believing him for years and putting yourself in peril.

Read this to know the

You need to find a non-celebrity offline non-famous astrologer. And I wish you have luck on that part! The astrologers of small towns with almost no online presence or celebrity stamp have much better reliability than these so-called famous astrologers!

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