Best astrologer in Bangalore: My experience with Guruji

I’m P.K Rao from Bangalore Jayanagar.

This is my experience with Sai Upasaka Guruji.

If you want to consult any best astrologer Bangalore my suggestion goes to Mr. Sai Upasak Guruji. He is gifted talent in astrology, numerology Horoscope, Vastu, and hand reading (palm ), etc.

Since when I was need of, Genuine Astrologer in Bangalore. I have done huge research to find one. Initially, I’ve tried the best astrologer in Bangalore Whitefield, best astrologer in Bangalore Yelahanka, and finally, best astrologer in Bangalore Malleswaram.

but it was a waste of my time I couldn't get one, with my friend's advice I consulted Guruji.

Guruji is, Famous and Top astrologer in Bangalore.

Why because we got a good experience from him it is almost 8 years now we are continuing astrology readings. we have been considered him as our family astrologer.

For many more things like, horoscope reading, astrology, fortune-telling, whatever you say.

Why I suggest only him is, his predictions and future telling skills are pretty good. he has got really amazing and extraordinary talent in giving predictions. I ever saw till today that a person could say this much accurate predictions.

Of anybody’s life. so my suggestion goes to sai Upasak Guruji. He is a well-known astrologer in Bangalore and got a minimum of 40 years of experience in astrology and Vastu horoscope reading. expert in numerology and tort reading too.

Stays in Devenahalli Bangalore when the time I met him.

His skills in astrology numerology Vastu is really incredible that I can say, because of our experience with Sai Upasak Guruji and also be aware that there are some other astrologers who are using his name and goodwill.

What I mean to say is they kept the same name as Sai Upasak astrology and Jyothisham something like that.

And they have made some websites also the name of Sai Upasak Guruji so beware with them and specially Indiranagar astrologer who stays in Indiranagar, don’t get confused with that, real genuine person this +91 8099452811.

So when you see this number then it is confirmed that he is the real one.

Best astrologer in Karnataka: does the sai Upasak Guruji predictions will work

As my experience, if I see they are working very well.
they are working for me but also they are working even for my family members and my friends and colleagues job mates

What exactly the positive side of Guruji is,
having very intense nature of seeing things very clearly and deeply that is where we really get the benefit.

In another astrologer I didn’t see this, what I mean is an approach to the astrology numerology and whatever you call. he just enters into the deepest state of astrology numerology horoscope reading and finds very clear and distinct things about what is going to happen the study of the planets and resources.

And chart making and nakshatras and position of the stars and their impacts and their works.
everything he studies very very well. and tells really very very e extraordinary predictions and very result-oriented now let me tell you even what exactly is remedies.

The remedies.

How Guruji remedies will work this is one more question to many people that how really better they impact

My answer for this question is, remedies will work amazingly there is no doubt about it because they are so simple and logical and practical so not that whatever he says that we should believe just blindly it such way very practical remedies and very immediate impact. result-oriented remedies

Example: remedies of Guruji

When I met Guruji 2 years back when I met Guruji the first look itself he said that I had a Shalya Vastu problem. I wasn’t aware of what exactly Shalya Vastu is, but when Guruji said about Shalya Vastu.

I was curious to know what exactly Shalya Vastu I ask

Guruji said any dead animal is any dead body in the underground of the house. it actually comes in Vastu shastra. proper construction of building with all measurements and positions colours and directions everything about.

Said there would be something in the middle of the hall of your house, said you take some a labour go there and dig in the middle of the hall and you find some animal dead body, so I couldn’t believe it because it is something weird for me then how could anyone can say like this without seeing my house before,

And without knowing me I was little upset and I was not very much interested in that matter because I do not know it until that time, but when guruji said consistently I thought it is better to check it out.

I went with the labour and I did what the Guruji said and I also want to know exactly that is it really exists. out of curiosity and out of my problems, out of my situation, whatever you call.

I have a broken the middle of the hall. we broken 4 tiles and then dug 3 feet.
we really find a dead body of a dog. and some other substances it was really astonished me. shocked and stands still

How can someone say this?

This is absolutely amazing,
amazing I’m telling you and I was really wondering and mesmerized and mind-blowing and what happened I couldn’t even believe that how it happens the first the question is the person without knowing me said everything.

Sitting somewhere and given the direction really amazing.

Then the next day I went Guruji place and touched his feet with gratitude. and I was just sat in front of the Guruji with very devotion and cool looks and feelings in my heart. and I cried out in front of him and those movements I remember till now was so much melting inside my heart and I developed great devotion gratitude towards the Guruji.

And then we spoke something about occult science and it was the very very nice fun full and mesmerizing happiest situation.
so this is all my experience with Sai Upasak Guruji.

The worlds best astrologer horoscope reader and woned many psychic and mystical powers.

He is the best astrologer in Bangalore.

for more information see this;

Guruji Address

phone number:

+91 8099452811.

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