Astrology, Real Or Fake?

Should we believe in astrology? Will astrology predictions become true?

What if an astrologer says I will predict your future but I cannot guarantee you.

Do you want to know something about your future? Do you think an astrologer would tell you something useful?

It might sound strange coming from an astrologer himself, but you definitely should not!

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The thing is, stop believing in belief! It is the most dangerous behavior one can have. The act of belief!

Belief is an illogical agreement to something. It is acceptance without sound reasoning and proof. Whether good or bad, belief kills more than smoking!

Half the world believes in God, the other half doesn’t. But their belief is such that even if it is conclusively proven that God doesn’t exist, the theists would go on believing; and even if God stands in front of atheists, they’ll go on denying his existence. Belief is the attribute of the weak.

Whenever you meet someone who “believes” in astrology, they’ll say how some astrologers said nice things about them. It is their pride that makes them believe. Their need for self-assurance. And this how astrologers play with your mind, even if they cant make one simple prediction, they’ll either scare the weak or appreciate the proud people. That makes them believe.

Same way, those who don’t “believe” in astrology are not people who have researched and conclusively proven that astrology is fake. These are so-called “liberals” and “rational thinkers” who cannot psychologically accept that they’re not in control of their life. There was a time when such epitomes of wisdom would argue that it is impossible for the moon to cause tides in oceans. Or else they are those about whom some astrologer predicted absurd things.

Never believe in believing. It is proof of a weak personality.

Say that you “don’t know”. Say that you haven’t read, haven’t experienced, you’re not sure. You won’t believe what strength of character and will it takes to say that.

Have you ever heard the great people talk? Einstein, CEOs, and other influential people? they never say “Oh that is fake! That is absurd!”? They always say “My knowledge about that is limited, but based on what little I know, I think…”

My friend didn’t believe in astrology. Still one day he asked me to tell something about him. I said that his aspects have more power in the right eye and his mother’s hometown is a famous pilgrim place.

Now if I say something like that to you, without knowing you, just from my knowledge of astrology, will you need to “believe” anymore? Will, you not just “trust” me because I have proven my credibility.

Any good astrologer will be able to prove his credibility by saying something about you or your past. Even if it is that you’re suffering in a job and have been unwell. If he cants, never trust that person.

You must understand that astrologers have not got colleges and universities. Some of us like me learn because it is in the family. Others learn to buy books and reading.

There is a serious lack of credibility in astrology because there is no one to regulate.

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But thankfully, the man who claims to know your future must know something about your past too. And that becomes his certificate, his degree, his proof.

Always judge the merit of a future prediction on credibility. If he is a person who tells you things like your neighbor is a doctor and you have a mark on your neck, he is capable of making accurate predictions for the future. If he says that you’ve had a bad time in the last one year, then he is capable of giving a rough estimate of years to come, but not pinpoint events.

Also more than astrologers, people are driven by predictions. Sometimes people reach out to me just for gathering predictions. Not denying the fact, that prediction is an important part of astrology and it is useful to people. However if one reaches out to astrologer just for making predictions, then he has missed the whole idea.

A proper analysis consists of understanding the progression/movement of time, predicting the possibility of events if any, and helping native to redirect his efforts/actions based on those possibilities. Astrologer’s analysis has to be helpful and not just words rolling out of his mouth delivering predictions of events.

So don’t believe in what astrologers predict, unless they are trustworthy, you know them well and they had been helpful in the past. However, if you find, even one astrologer knowledgeable and genuine, take their guidance a little seriously. Sometimes it is more than helpful.

Refrain from the habit of picturizing unpleasant events offered as predictions by astrologers. If the astrologer is experienced, knowledgeable and humble, he will communicate things in a subtle way and would also help you to look at possibilities that could lessen the damage.

Astrology is not to be blamed. However, thousands of crooks in the market, are doing a blind business. They will tell you all stupid things, that could risk your life and mental state if you believe in that. Even if the astrologer is reliable and good understand everything, take precautionary measures, but don’t take the word of an astrologer as that of a god. If you do that, you will end up limiting your own efforts and that will not help to improve your situation.

Astrology helps to understand the broader layout of a person’s life. In fact, the more abstract the statement, the more is it likely to be deemed correct. For some questions, there are no right or wrong answers. There are open-ended statements that could go either way. So, whether or not the analysis is correct is largely subjective.

Astrology is not Science. There is no scientific method to link anyone’s destiny, character, feature or life event finding the locations of planets or stars at his birth or planets in transit further.

Moon can apply a minute gravitational pull on us and gravitational forces of other planets are negligible. Similarly, lights from Sun fall on us and from other starts cause no effect. The gravitational pull of Moon can cause some variations in blood pressure, breaths which can cause some trouble in the weak animal body and we know sunlight can cause even death. But there is no effect on destiny/fate from the Sun or Moon for its given positions in the Sky/Zodiac.

However, Astrology is a marvelous attempt by ancient people to this cause but it is not real. Unfortunately, no one can find his/her fate or foretell upcoming life events using any technique at present, if it is Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology or any other Occult Science.

However, if the destiny is very very strong and there is no scope for the native to escape it, his free will/efforts will make the effect lighter to some extent.

When we say, whether we have to believe an astrologer, we are basically testing his predictions, but, normally one is confused that he is not taking the prediction, but only obtaining the knowledge to his future road map, and it is up to him to select the best alternate route of his destination.

It depends on what they predict. In truth, all they can do is predict probabilities, based on the energy of a situation and the people involved. Astrology can only provide a partial view of what is going on based on environmental factors, one’s history, and personal influences. It can show tendencies, not certainties. Also, not all Astrologers are psychics nor do the planetary influences have answers for everything.

You always have free will and free choice about how you respond to things.

Some things we are not meant to know in advance. It would ruin how you naturally live your life. If you ask an astrologer to predict anything, first ask yourself why you need that information, and see if you just need to have more faith in your ability to deal with what happens.

Since Astrology takes into account two major aspects — your Birth Potential (that is revealed through your Birth Chart — or something like a Life Predictions Reading) and the effects of the Transiting Planets on your Personal Horoscope/s, the ongoing Dashas/ Planetary Periods applicable for you — it is not uni-dimensional. It does not restrict you, but has an inherent message that with changing times, things change; and, what we may not have since birth, may be presented as an opportunity by life and planets, as you move ahead in life.

Astrology is the time-tested wisdom of the ancient scriptures, Vedas and Upanishads. It is not superstition and it is not baseless. It is tested and innumerable times proved faith and subject, which has a mathematical basis. The Kundalis or Horoscopes are created as per numerological calculations and geometric patterns and have a mathematical basis.

Calculating what may be the conjunctions of the variants at any time is a matter of astronomical calculations. So they would not go wrong. But everything else may go wrong from that point onward.

Of course, there is every chance that it may not necessarily go wrong only but the chances of going wrong and going right are only 50:50.

If the prediction goes right you are lucky. If not, you have to bear with the luck you may have with such a prediction.

So it all depends only on your luck — nothing else for who can ever certify with full certainty which conjunction may have what impact on our life?

Like many the conjunctions — so many are the possibilities of linking them to various possibilities.

If you met a true or best astrologer in India then he would never predict the absolute future, because in true astrology it is always you & your karma, which will decide the outcome. But equally the incident & the type of incident described to you are bound to happen. You can decidedly mold the outcome, equally or as decidedly rarely people opt to change.

Just list down few predictions, which are very near future in the timeline. Identify if they are occurring or not. If nothing of that sort occurs without any interference or intervention, then do not believe that astrologer.

If the predicted incidents do occur, then you know you met your guy. Having said that, not every astrologer is going to give you the right predictions & nor you are destined to get the right predictions every time.

The subject is so vast & deep, that merely by means of predictions, believing or not believing, both do not justify.

We need not believe in astrologers blindly. See it’s now a way of earning and whenever you’re dealing with money, there is a possibility of corruption that can’t be denied. Especially when faith and the hope of something good happening are associated with it.

Be sensible and mature it’s natural that you will go to a doctor when you are sick but you don’t take chemotherapy when you need a bypass — know the basics of astrology before arriving at a conclusion.

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