Astrology Branches of Future Telling

Have you ever wonder when you heard the word Vashikaran or getting one person's mind into over control. Well, read on.

To start with, astrology is a very interesting topic that catches everyone's attention. Knowing the future sounds lucrative and I’m sure many of us do visit astrologers today or best psychics in the world.

While astrology is a common word today for future telling there are other branches too for forecasts like Numerology, Palmistry, Nadi Jyothish, face reading, and Tarot. All these methods certainly help in predicting the future to some extent.

There is also another branch called Vastu which provides guidelines to build the house. There are great structural and architectural methods to build the house as per Vastu which leads human life to peace and happiness.

Astrology, the study of planets by definition, has different theories of origination. In the Eastern part of the world, Astrology knows as Jyothish in India originated from Vedas or Sacred texts. A famous text on Jyothish called ‘Surya Siddhanta’ written by astrologer Varahamihira explains the universe as Sun-centered and planets revolving around it.

Today in Hindu Temples, we can the model of Surya Siddhanta as Nav Graha idols. By its arrangement, we can easily notice Sun as the center of our solar system. According to Jyothish these planets continuously vibrates (read revolves) and release positive and negative vibrations.

A person born in a particular date and time having planetary positions in its respected houses receive these vibrations and act accordingly. Thus Vedic astrology works as per the law of planetary positions.

There is another branch of astrology called Mind reading. This is based on the intuitional power of the mind. An astrologer practices the power of concentration and is able to forecast whats is going on in the other person's mind. Telepathy or thought sending process is gaining popularity nowadays.

Along with there is another field of astrology called Vashikaran which means getting one person's mind into our control. You may be annoyed with Vashikaran spam all over the internet or Vashikaran Bengali baba or get your lost love ads, right? But there is some reality in this. According to some techniques, we can get into another person's mind when it is in a weak state.

Sadly there is a lot of fake and fraud things all over the world in the name of astrology. It is a hard fact to say that only twenty percent of astrologers are real among all. Often people fell prey to fake ones before they met the right one. Remember where your search ends that is the place you deserve for.

Astrology doesn’t reveal all your good times but the others too. So be prepared to take everything as it is. Do not take decisions solely depend on horoscope analysis. Believe in God and Believe in Your Self.

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