5 Interesting Things In Astrology That You Should Know

Astrology is full of interesting facts that will just blow us. As an astrology observer I find many things as the search continues. Here are the topmost 5 interesting things in astrology that everyone must know. These are the best astrologers in India’s secret points. Read on to know more.

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

1) Females are often attracted to the opposite sign of their Mars. Males are often attracted to the opposite sign of their Moon.

2) Natives of Anuradha nakshatra are extremely loyal partners. Natives of Jupiter’s nakshatras (Punarvasu, Vishaka, Purva Bhadra) require for their mother’s love, but they don’t get it for long. I have seen this in 90% of the natives.

3) If Saturn is unfluctuating to the 7th Lord, the spouse is loyal. If Rahu, watch the spouse, and if Jupiter too, the spouse will get when on track. If all of them, then the spouse has a mixed personality.

4) 70% of people who have Jupiter-Rahu conjunction are the people who don’t believe God

5) Most of the successful Bollywood actors have Libra sign as one of their prominent houses. Either as their Lagna, Sun sign or Moon sign. This is really interesting. There you go, Librans!

6) Make an astrology chart of a person with his/her death details. Focus on the most woeful part of the chart, this will show his/her problems in the next life, focus on 5–11 houses, this will show mental state and desires at the time of death. Thoughts and desires at the time of death decide our next lineage path for sure.

I hope you find them interesting too, let me through comments. Follow me for more such amazing content on Astrology.

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