5 Easy Vastu tips for home

Today Vastu has become important for everyone. It describes ways to make every moment of life positive. If someone wants to have married happiness, it can be possible with simple Vastu tips.

Similarly, if all areas of life are failing and troubled, then here also Vastu tips can be important for you. But for this, you just have to follow some measures.

New house warming ceremony after Vastu puja

If your house has a mirror on the south wall, then immediately change it. Mirrors are always considered to be mounted on the east or north wall.

If you have put pictures of Gods and Goddesses in the house, then keep in mind that their pictures should never be face to face.

If you are giving someone an important suggestion or explaining something, always keep your face towards the east.

Simple but very useful Vastu tips:

Vastu tips for Gruha dosh

Always keep the place of books in the house in the north or east direction only.

Keep in mind that never keep a glass of water or a cup of tea or coffee near the telephone.

This can also cause the telephone to become cluttered.

Always eat food facing east. This increases the age of household members. Eating food facing north leads to wealth.

If you are on a stay, always head west and sleep. Due to this, the money stays at home and decisions are made soon.

If you want to collect money, then chant the mantra “Om Shri Namah” every day and offer dry fruits to Laxmi DeviJi.

Always keep in mind that the western part of the building should always be higher than the eastern part and if any merchandise is not being sold at the place of business for a long time, then it will be beneficial to keep it in the direction of northwest.

For efficient Vastu tips meet the best Vastu consultant for on-site checking and good remedies.

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