5 Easiest Ways For Hardest Path of Spiritual Sadhana

The toughest path of life is to attain Mind control. With the power of Mind, one can achieve many things in life. People often become unsuccessful when they don’t use their minds. Training the mind in such a way that, it has to obey and accept the situation of life as it is.

Our Mind never accepts the situation and often comes to a conclusion on the basis of its own perception. But what if we realize the other side of the coin? Our mind confuses totally and takes an emotional toll on us.

To avoid any kind of displeasures, regrets, depression in life, one has to practice controlling the mind. This is part of the Ancient living culture of India which has forgotten long back.

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Thanks to great sages who have mastered this technique and preserved it from many generations. Human life is too complicated with many unnecessary things in life. Humans are highly evolved emotional beings. They have many feelings mixed together and they come out under situations.

Sages have classified Human feelings to basic six categories

The Kama signifies desire or lust in Mind. According to scripts, desire is the root cause of all problems of the World. A single desire never ends up on its own and it keeps on adding one another to it. Desire can be genuine and righteous in the situation but it never halts. When you practice deep silence of mind all the desire will calm up and the mind increases its power of concentration.

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Krodha signifies anger state of Mind. Anger management is tricky and requires lots of patience to achieve. A desire when not fulfilled turns to anger. An angry state of mind is so intense that it may harm the physical health of the body. Today we are seeing many people diagnosed with high or low blood pressure. The disease comes for people who are not good at anger management.

Lobha is a greedy state of mind. Never satisfying and being more and more interested in saving than the necessary expenditures. This greediness not only is seen with money matters but also for all other areas like food eating, jewelry saving, etc. This kind of mind often comes when anger is uncontrollable and what the person cannot achieve in a legal way. Often it leads to robberies and bankruptcy.

Moha is often confused with deep love. Moha is a state of an ignorant mind. In scripts, it is described as Maya which means delusion. Ignorance is not at all state of mind and being a higher evolved mind humans shouldn’t be ignorant. Traveling through the paths of knowledge is the only rescue for this.

Mada is an arrogant state of mind. It is often expressed with lots of pride, high levels of attitude which diminishes the person’s character totally. This mindset is observed in teens and young adults. Inexperience in handling day to day situations leads to arrogance where the person never accepts the fault of theirs. Good company and positive thoughts are the best solutions for making up Mind.

Matsya is a grudge state of mind. Many famous people became puppets when they are in this mindset. This ill will eat up the mind leaving all negative. It really tough to assess the right decision when mind grudges. It is also a super state of Lobha, where we can see lots of greedy leads to grudging. Prayers are the only way to come out from this mind state.

Now let us go through the tips to come out from the six ill states of mind.

  1. Speak to your mind. — Train your mind to speak up. No matter what the thoughts are, let them pour in. Sit in a calm and closed environment and observe thoughts coming in and out. A while after you’ll notice that mind become slow and it has cleared all and now it is running out of thoughts. This is the basic clean playground we need to play a winning match.

2. Follow Daily routine — Once you set the ground, make it a habit. Follow at the same time and place every day. A regular practice will take you a long way. NO matter how you feel, stick to the daily routine. The mind is so slippery that it escapes even for a minute. So be steady.

3. Say to your body — That you are a great tool of the mind. The mind is an efficient driver that leads you to a safe road. Listen to what the mind says. Never thought the body is weak or diseased. It is only lead by a healthy mind. You’ll soon notice the body listens to your mind.

4. Daily Motivation — See, hear only good things that are only spread positive. That fills your hungry needs of the mind. A daily dose of motivation will cheer up your spirit high. You can be your own motivator.

5. Spiritual Sadhana — Prayers and confessions clean your mind. These words fill with the magic of positive energy and can serve as happy pills. So don’t forget to pray daily. These vibrations lift the mood and make you happy throughout life.

We are the only ones to save ourselves, we are the only ones to destroy ourselves.

So let us choose to safe and do spiritual sadhana.

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