5 Amazing Vastu Tips You Must Know

A plot should be selected by some Vastu rules such as auspicious and bring prosperity, happiness, health, and affluence to the residents. You may learn Vastu Shastra for buying your dream plot. According to the Vastu Shastra, the goodness of the plot can be checked in various ways like direction, surrounding, shape, soil and more.

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In construction, the balance, harmony, and symmetry are supported by Vastu.

You should remember the following tips while selecting a pilot.

1. The environment of the plot

The plot you choose should be fertile and also plants and grass on the land. There should be no temple, hospital, school, cemetery, or graveyard adjacent to any side of your plot. The big pit or valley over the plot is inauspicious and it should not be placed between two larger plots.

2. The direction of the plot

The essential thing you need to consider in the direction of the plot. The east and north facing plots are suitable for house construction.

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3. Roads around the land

According to the Vastu, the plot is best when it is surrounded by the roads on four sides. If the plot situated at the dead-end of the road, it’s not appropriate for construction. When the road reaches the width of the plot, it will be perfect.

4. Level of land

A flat level of the land should be ideal for selecting plot and rocky land is considered as inauspicious. If the west and south part of the plot is higher than the north and east. It gives good luck.

5. The shape of the plot

A plot should be either square or rectangular shape, which brings good luck to our residents. If you prefer a square shape, it’s the best choice for you.

The plot’s four sides should be toward fur main directions; otherwise irregular shaped plots are inauspicious. Whatever, if the plot is of uneven shape, you can make perfect geometry inside the plot that referred to as the Vastu fence. T, Y, and L shaped plots are unsuitable ones.

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6. Soil Color

Soil should be in a yellow color which is auspicious; it helps to increase your wealth.

You may also prefer red and white soil which is good for your residents, whereas black and clay soil is not good.

7. Obstruction of the plot

Don’t buy the plots which have a tall building on the north, east or north-east sides. Plots with obstruction in fronts like pillars, posts, and the big tree must be avoided. So learn Vaastu Shastra while constructing or buying your house.

Those tips assure more benefits for plot buyers in the future. Do you want to buy a plot with Vastu Shastra? Don’t worry; you may go for the best Vastu consultants in Hyderabad to get Vastu’s opinion and Vastu plan. Otherwise, you can check Vastu Shastra free online to remove the negativity from your life.

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