10 Best Astrologers in India List

Astrology is an art of future telling. In India, astrology is widely spread, and picking the best astrologer in India is hard. Most astrologers in India self claim that they are the best in the field due to their previous successful track record, satisfied client base, and followers.

Let us have a look at 10 best astrologers in India based on the popularity, successful track record, and accessibility.

Swami Ramananda Guruji- He is a famous and world’s best astrologer to people looking for horoscope matchmaking, a solution to marriage problems. He is known to offer good tantra remedies to Love problems and relationship problems. He is more than astrology and astrologers he divine gifted astrologer and tantra master, and only in the world who does Manopravesh. Being a humble devotee of Shri Shiridi Saibaba he conducts regular Homam and Puja at Ashram. People can participate and get abundant blessings to enrich their lives

One should compulsorily consult this Guruji once their lifetime to his divine powers and effect of his predictions many people worship him as God.

Phone number: 9000992685

See This Link:


Suryavamsham Srinivasa Sharma- A popular name in Indian astrology columns and leading dailies, he needs no introduction. He is an ardent Ganapathi devotee and does astrology reading after sincere prayers. He is a regular astrology columnist and his predictions are said to be 90% accurate. He is the oldest astrologer on this list and one in Top 100 great astrologers. Due to health concerns, astrology consultations are done by his assistants on behalf of him with no compromise on quality His predictions are completely free.

He is a fully service-oriented and helping natured person. you can contact him through What’s up.

mobile number 8498083151

Free Astrological predictions

Hi, everyone.

Shanker here. This is useful for everyone please read it completely. Do you want free astrological predictions from well experience astrologer? here posting his photo, and his name, his name is Srinivasa Sharma

Srinivasa Sharma Ji

is doing service to the poor people with very nominal fees

You have problems like
Not happening marriage?
No proper job and finance?
Love failures?
Disputes in marriage?
Always problems in life?
And many more problems that you are facing in life.
Consult this astrologer who is giving completely free predictions. And best remedies.From almost 4o years.
am following him from six years and observed him very clearly he is a nice guy who never takes any fees for astrological predictions even you provide him.

Astrology is the divine

Because he thinks astrology is the divine thing for which we do not suppose to take any fee.
He never charged any fee till today. For many people and not even fees for remedies, he provides the best remedies. To you which will work very nicely.
This is my personal experience with him make you of this service.
Mail your details get benefits with him his remedies will work fantastically you no need to pay anything to him. He never takes any money or any gifts from you.
His purely service-oriented person.

mobile number 8498083151
Do what’s up only.

Kalra- He is an Internationally acclaimed astrologer for his thorough analysis of astrology charts. He has a good track record of successful clients all over the work. He has written excellent in-depth analyzed posts on true love, scientific proof of astrology in his website.

Sastri- She has been awarded as the best astrologer by prestigious institutions. She is the renowned name for astrology in Kolkata and has got a successful client base. She offers services like Vedic astrology, Numerology, Vastu Shastra, Color Therapy, and Tantra remedies. Website

Joshi- He is one of the best astrologers in India with many satisfied clients all over the world. He offers online consultation, horoscope readings, detailed life report, and astrology products. He is also an expert Vastu consultant and holds BA Acharya from Sanskrit University Varanasi.

Kumar Sharma-He is a popular astrologer for his accurate predictions and simplistic remedies. A passionate turned astrologer he calls its destiny that made him an astrologer. In his blog, he has written excellent articles covering all aspects of astrology. Most forecast he had published in Local and National newspapers come true and that gives him utter satisfaction.

Vidyadharan- Popular astrologer from Chennai, and a well-known face in the Tamil astrologers network. He regularly writes for Dinakaran, Aval Vikatan, and Tamil murasu. He also appears on famous Sun TV with his most-watched forecasts. He offers astrology services in Chennai in the name of the Human Life Research Bureau. He offers a wide range of services for all the problems of life.

Shiv Dutt Dave- He is an expert astrologer in Matchmaking astrology. Kundalini matching, Love astrology, Child horoscope, career, and business report are his specialized services. His interest in astrology has helped thousands of people in deciding what’s best for them. He also has an office at Irving, TX for benefit of overseas clients. He spends a good 12 hours time before handing the horoscope copy to the client. And that shows the dedication towards his work.

Shri Neetu Didi- Her astrology services run under Jyothish Shodh Shanstan in Varanasi. She can address the smallest issue of your life to major problems of life. She has a good following among people with her affordable fee and effective remedies. She provides Puja services and Dosh nivaran Yagnas in Varanasi.

Deepali Dubey- She has excellent knowledge in many fields of future telling like astrology, Numerology, and Tarot card reading. Apart from these she also offers relationship counseling, matchmaking services. She has absolute in-depth knowledge in a paranormal investigation and can help you with it. She has satisfied clients from all over the world and received many compliments from other astrologers. She uses a modern approach for predictions.

This list isn’t ended here, as we mentioned earlier that there is no shortage of astrologers in India. This list might introduce new names to you or make you happy to see your favorite astrologer on this list.

Indian Astrologers majorly follow Hindu astrology further divided into North Indian Horoscope, and South Indian Horoscope. Apart from this, there are branches called Palmistry, Nadi Astrology, Numerology, Lal Kitab Remedies, and Tarot reading.

India recognized astrology as Science and offer courses at the graduate level from prestigious universities. Refer sastra.edu, Annamalai University, and Telugu University to name a few. So there is no shortage of upcoming astrologers.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The views expressed above on the astrologers are after through research. The astrologer's social media presence and their websites help to understand them better.



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