Immunity is the police system of our body. Immunity Astrology can help you to know how you fights against diseases like Corona-virus.

Health is wealth — an old saying in India which is true at all times. As the rise of pandemic ringing bells and every one in this World are effected by Covid 19 let us have a look how Immunity astrology help us

Mars is planet of Energy signifies the body building material bones, teeth, Jaw, Muscle strength, Blood and vitality. So position of Mars in one’s horoscope can give us basic idea about health condition. If Mars…

Kaal Sarp Dosh means all planets in the horoscope are locked in between Rahu and Ketu. As these two planets are malefic, all good virtues of your life are entangled. Kala Sarpa dosh could affect the person’s health, happiness, and take away one’s peace of mind for forty years, and in some cases, even longer or throughout a lifetime depending on the planet’s position in one’s horoscope. This is the reason most people are frightened of Kala Sarpa Dosha.

Kaal sarp dosh
Kaal sarp dosh
Kaal sarp dosh can be unlucky for some.

If planets are moving towards Rahu, it’s called Kaal Sarpa Dosh and if they’re going the other direction, i.e., …

Have been told that moola nakshatra is bad and you are going to settle very late in life? Let us check Moola Nakshatra Astrology, horoscope, Characteristics of Mool nakshatra for ladies and gents, compatibility and effects on life. It is also called as Mula Nakshatra.

Moola Nakshatra Astrology

Moola Nakshatra is considered as malefic and it’s ruling planet is Ketu. Moola means ‘The root’ in Sanskrit. The star looks like a bunch of roots in the constellation and hence the name is derived. Surprisingly, the persons with Moola Nakshatra in all padas tend to perform great in early education. Moola Nakshatra is in…

Saturn in 1st house in Horoscope defines the self, with Saturn’s placement there emphasizes its influence on the body and specifically Bones (skeletal structure), Skin, Teeth, Joints, and bile secretion. So when transited from this position it can trigger physiological events or even maladies to these specific organs. Saturn in 1st house makes a person slow and steady in the walk. Little sad and disciplined in life.

As per astronomy, Saturn is the second-largest planet in the solar system after Jupiter. Saturn has more than 20 moons which are officially recognized by NASA. Saturn and Jupiter had been in great…

This is the complete all and one Money astrology Guide article. Read this to learn your money house in horoscope, money planet in horoscope, and money yoga in horoscope.

The world is full of unevenness. And the reason is financial differences. Money is an energy that has to be respected and channelized properly. Probably you might have wondered which house is for wealth in astrology? Which planet is responsible for financial prosperity?

Let’s see the indicators for wealth as per Houses, Signs, Nakshatras, and Planets in Vedic astrology.

Money astrology plays an important role in one’s life

House of Money in Astrology

Primary houses for massive wealth in astrology are the 2nd and 11th…

Have you seen so-called astrologers online: scientific astrologer, young astrologer, honest astrologer, Vedic astrologer, KP astrologer, Nadi astrologer, tantric astrologer, (Of course go to them in case you want pure entertainment like reading your mind, etc which they do due to their being lowest level tantric sadhaks who failed miserably in tantra and now opened up a shop to show gimmicks. …

2021 New Year Resolutions for Happy Life

2021 New Year wishes. Every passing year is a ray of hope for the betterment of an individual. Here is the list of the 100 best resolutions for this new year that are easy and achievable for everyday life.

Reading this list once a day will train your mind and help you to achieve your target.

2021 Top 100 new year resolutions

Feel free to print and paste on your clipboard or even your fridge door for regular memorizing.

2. Stop judging yourself
3. Let love guide you, not FEAR
4. Listen to yourself
5. Never allow what happened to you before affect how you feel now
6. You…

American psychologist, Howard Gardener, says that there are nine types of intelligence. Each individual may have a different combination of all these nine bits of intelligence, making them unique. However, most people may remain unaware that they possess multiple intelligences for much of their lifetime.

In their younger years, they are so focused on their studies and career that they may not have time to explore their hidden talents and abilities. Some may discover them in their post-retirement years when they have plenty of time to spare on the things they missed out on.

Aries one is a leader by nature

Astrology can help you discover the…

Who is the best Vastu Consultant in Hyderabad?

As we all know, many people will search, with these words on Google. But very few will get the best Vastu consultant Or Vastu pandit in Hyderabad.

Vastu directions provided by the best Vastu consultant in Hyderabad

words are as follows

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Vastu consultant online.

as all of us know Hyderabad is famous for many things like biryani, (food) Charminar, Birla temple are general attractions. anyway about Vastu now.

The best Vastu shastra consultant…

I’m P.K Rao from Bangalore Jayanagar.

This is my experience with Sai Upasaka Guruji.

If you want to consult any best astrologer Bangalore my suggestion goes to Mr. Sai Upasak Guruji. He is gifted talent in astrology, numerology Horoscope, Vastu, and hand reading (palm ), etc.

Since when I was need of, Genuine Astrologer in Bangalore. I have done huge research to find one. Initially, I’ve tried the best astrologer in Bangalore Whitefield, best astrologer in Bangalore Yelahanka, and finally, best astrologer in Bangalore Malleswaram.

but it was a waste of my time I couldn't get one, with my friend's…


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